how the production of “The Voice” supported Ella, a victim of illness

Overwhelmed by stress, the 16-year-old Mauritian singer missed her turn during the blind auditions. A very emotional sequence broadcast on Saturday night on TF1.

Ella McGregor They will remember their participation in season 13 of ” The voice “ . Like during her final audition we attended last October at the Hocco studios in Vitry-sur-Seine, this 16-year-old high school student from Mauritius had to control her emotions to find the strength to go up to the stage. stage and sing. Secret of Louane.

The sequence of his experience during the blind auditions broadcast on Saturday night only on TF1 illustrates the exemplary support of the ITV Studios France teams. From makeup artists to vocal coaches, production members and Nikos Aliagas, everyone worked to calm Ella, who was overwhelmed with stress.

“This has happened in the past on “The Voice””

Bruno Berberes

The TF1 presenter took the time to come talk to him before he went on stage to help him enjoy the moment. “She was sitting there, Louane, at 16, just like you. She didn’t know anything about this world, like you. And she was nervous, like you”, He told her. Despite the breathing techniques provided by vocal coach Michaël Besigot, Ella will give up going on stage, in uncontrollable panic and suffering slight discomfort.

“This has happened before.he remembers Bruno Berberes. I remember a talent who had a tachycardia attack due to panic. Is human. » The casting director explained to us that Ella McGregor had initially been seen to participate in “The Voice Kids” and that she had crossed the age limit.

“Don’t cry, everything is fine, you sang very well”

After passing up another talent, the moment to recover a minimum of serenity, Ella was able to make her beautiful voice heard on the stage of “The Voice”. “He looks like Louane.”Bigflo and Oli reacted, the latter willing to talk but unable to convince his brother. “Come on, it’s great”Mika said. “It is very moving”Vianney added. “She’s not totally ready but it’s touching”Zazie confirmed.

Seeing her burst into tears at the end of her song, Mika ran out of his chair to comfort her, followed by Vianney. “Don’t cry, everything is fine, you sang very well”the Lebanese artist reassured her. “We are the ones who feel it”added Vianney, in turn saddened. “Your performance was magnificent but, with stage fright, you stayed in your comfort zone”Mika analyzed. “It was a very beautiful moment”Vianney told him before joining his parents backstage.

“Every season, failed talents ask us not to broadcast and we respect their wishes”

Pascal Guix, artistic producer of “La Voz”

Unlike the other stages of “The Voice,” the blind auditions are not broadcast in their entirety on TF1. Although it is evident that all the services of qualified talents are integrated into the assembly, only a few of the rejected participants are instead selected. “We make sure that the performance is up to par and yet the artist is proud of himself”explain to us Pascal Plaster. The portrait of talent and the coaches’ report will also weigh in the balance.

“Our priority is to protect talent, we are not here to give them a bad experience”adds the artistic producer. “It happens every season that failed talents ask us not to broadcast and we respect their wishes. » In Ella McGregor’s case, despite the stress and tears, no contraindications were formulated. “It gives a touching sequence in which we want to see her endure because it is so endearing. »

“When Ella feels ready, she will return to “The Voice””

Bruno Berberes

After her time on stage and new tears with her parents, Ella McGregor listened to the encouragement of Nikos Aliagas. “Moments like this in your life, if you want to sing, you will have manyI explain. You fought, you controlled your tears, you sang as best you could and you didn’t make a fool of yourself. You didn’t go out of tune but they wanted a little more. You will come back and show them that they were wrong the first time. »

“I really want to try my luck again”assured the young Mauritian. “We want him to return because we have a responsibility with his age.Bruno Berberes told us. It’s a failure for her and we don’t want her to use it for long. When she feels ready, she will return. » The same wish from Pascal Guix: “She is someone we are going to follow, she has a very personal magic and she just needs a little time. There is a good chance that we will see her again.”

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