How much is The Spider Within, the free (and now available) Spider-Verse movie, worth?

Sony published its short film on YouTube The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Storyderived from the animated Spider-Man films starring Miles Morales.

“Immersing yourself in the Multiverse also means immersing yourself in the overstimulated psyche of your protagonist”we wrote in our review of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. By mixing multiple aesthetics (street art, cel-shading, pop-art…) in an innovative animation impulse, the saga Spider-Verse Not only did it remind us of the pop cultural value of superheroes and their convergence of influences.

This hybridization has been associated with a new representation of emotions and, more particularly, with the potential loss of their control in oppressive and invasive worlds. If Spider-Man’s senses are heightened by his powers, your mental load is too much. Spider-Man has always been that teenager who must deal between his future as an individual (his family responsibilities, school, etc.) and his duties as a vigilante, but the movies Spider-Verse They have sublimated it with their writing, and this is immersed in a frenetic Multiverse.

The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story : photoArachnophobes abstain

With great power comes great anxiety.

That is why the launch on YouTube of The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story It sounds like a no-brainer. This short film, published online for free by Sony, was presented for the first time during the Annecy 2023 festival.

From a seven minutes longwas able to see the light thanks to the foundation of basketball player Kevin Love, and a new training program from the Japanese firm, titled Leading and Empowering New Storytellers (LENS), designed to train new creators from minorities and underrepresented groups. people to tell their own stories.

The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story : photoSpider Overwork

We follow Miles, who suffers a panic attack upon returning home.. Thanks to the crazy artistic direction of the saga, the concept finds fertile ground to give itself a complete visual representation. Despite the strong colors and marked stylistic effects of his surroundings, it is from within that Miles is attacked.

The short film of Jarelle Dampier It thus stops at the helplessness of the character, pursued by his own demons and its materialization in series of shocking images, where the transitions allowed by the animation fit together like nesting dolls.

another spider man hit

The staging transcribed with some talent The vicious circle of this type of disorder.despite its quite obvious stylistic borrowings (Go out). For anyone who has ever experienced a crisis like this, check out the Miles’ evil double Pressing your hand on the character’s chest should trigger some bad memories.

And brief, The spider inside It is undoubtedly a relevant style exerciset, and totally in line with the thematic potential of the franchise.

The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story : photoSpider-Doppelganger

However, his good intentions Never really go beyond this theoretical approach.. We would have liked to see an even more intense and nightmarish crescendo, and the resolution of the scenario (although logical) leaves us wanting more.

Afterwards, it is convenient to see this draft as a first and exciting attempt at experimentation around the miracle of cinema. Spider-Verse. And coincidentally, since we have to wait. Beyond the Spider-Verse for an as yet undetermined period, it is an opportunity to console oneself.

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