his twilight hearing is revealed to researchers

It is Alain Delon at his worst, physically and morally, which is reflected in the minutes of the interview carried out by the gendarmes in July 2023 in Douchy. This difficult dialogue between the star and the investigators is one of the pieces of the investigation file to which Le Parisien had access and which resulted in the dismissal of the complaints filed by his children against Hiromi Rollin.

Le Parisien revealed how Alain Delon’s hearing before the gendarmes took place on July 12, 2023 following the complaint filed by his children against the one they presented at that time as his “assistant” or his “companion”, Hiromi Rollin, accused. of abuse of weakness and mistreatment. The investigators found themselves faced with a very weakened man whom they could only interrogate with difficulty.

“We met thirty years ago with ups and downs (…) At first she was my assistant director, then she became more intimate,” explained the star, who stated that she was “fed up” with this relationship, she reports. The Parisian. The messages in which Alain Delon calls her “my love” or “heart” indicate that there was indeed a relationship between them that implies, in the actor’s words, “a form of love”, and a kiss on the mouth photographed in March 2023 suggests it may have continued.

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“His great failure is marriage”

The main criticism he directs at Hiromi Rollin is what he calls her project of “becoming Madame Delon.” “Her big failure is marriage,” she explained to the police. In fact, the searches on the Internet are for this woman over 66 years of age tending to confirm whether there is an interest, there is also a concern: « Quels sont les droits du conjoint sur le logement du défunt » ou « protection du conjoint survivant non Marie “. And, in a letter dated February 8, 2023, he wrote to her: “The greatest gift you can give me is to have your name on it. » “She didn’t receive much but in the end she could have had more. Convincing me that she didn’t “I could be nobody and have nothing without me,” the star tried to explain.

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“A state of physical and psychological exhaustion with great suicidal risk”

Regarding the reasons for the complaints, Delon barely gives concrete elements: “Over time we understand that at first we have a personal and professional relationship and then we realize that everything is calculated and desired. It is a classic in human relationships. I’m Alain Delon, you understand? » The alleged physical violence is hardly more substantiated: “Verbally, if we let it happen, it ends badly,” mentioning only possible cases of mistreatment in response to his own “physical blows, when he irritated me.” »

According to medical experts, the physical and moral health of the “Cheetah” continued to deteriorate between 2021 and 2023, until a “total abolition of its discernment.” » On July 20, a general practitioner concluded that there was “a state of physical and psychological exhaustion with a significant risk of suicide.” He told her that he “wanted to die” and added that “life is over.” And, according to doctors, Hiromi Rollin’s behavior, described by some as “authoritarian, directive and manipulative” and by others as “affectionate and considerate,” is not at the origin of this deterioration.

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He fell asleep on numerous occasions; he couldn’t make constructed sentences

In the police report

In the minutes of this interview, which was attended by Anouchka, who would have responded several times in her father’s place, the gendarmes describe a man in the twilight of his life: “He fell asleep on numerous occasions; He could not make constructed sentences (…) He could not get up from his chair alone. »

To the gendarmes who asked him if he was aware of the complaint filed by his children against Hiromi Rollin, he simply responded: “Yes, I am happy and proud of it (…) They want us to stop pissing me off. »

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