his friend Jean-Pierre Lavoignat reveals his last wishes

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Born in 1935 in Sceaux, the actor made his debut in the late 1950s. At that time, he acted alongside Romy Schneider in the film Christina. Next, Alain Delon He has become a true legend. With masterpieces like The pool either Full sun, made generations of fans dream. Thug or commissioner, the actor knew how to embody all the characters. But for several years, lives far from film sets. And recently, her daughter Anouchka has opposed her brothers Anthony and Alain-Fabien. But as the patriarch’s health deteriorates, there would already be planned the arrangements for his funeral. We take stock!

Alain Delon has already chosen his grave

Although the end of life does not enchant many people, it concerns us all, one day or another. At 88 years old, the actor’s condition is deteriorating. But took time to reflect on his own funeral, a few years ago. This wish was revealed by one of his friends. That is, the journalist and author Jean-Pierre Lavoignat. The latter thus shared a conversation, heard about 16 years ago, with Internet users. By posting a photo of Alain Delon, he added a long text in the title :

“A memory that came to me after reading the press and Instagram in recent days… It was June 4, 2007 at the funeral of Jean-Claude Brialy. After the St-Louis church on the island, the Montmartre cemetery. At the end of the ceremony, I am chatting with Bertrand Blier when Alain Delon approaches us and joins the conversation. Shortly after, Monsignor Di Falco, who had been chaplain to the artists for a long time, joined us. »

It must be said that the interpreter of The Cheetah had a very special request formulate.

“Then, Delon explains that he has obtained all the authorizations to be buried at his house, on his estate in Douchy. And for this he had a chapel built in which there are several vaults and around which some of his dogs are already buried. “Only,” he said, “this building only has one chapel in name since it was not consecrated. »And Delon then asks Di Falco if he can take care of it. »

Alain Delon would thus have the possibility of rest on your property in Loiret, for eternity.

“Di Falco asks about Douchy’s location. “Oh yes, it’s in this or that diocese… I’m going to ask Bishop So-and-So to send him a priest to do it. » So apparently it’s already been done. “, indicates Jean-Pierre Lavoignat.

The actor’s eldest son confirms it

For several weeks now, Anthony Delon violently opposes his sister, through the media. He accuses her of pressuring her father. And that is without taking into account her state of health, which today is very fragile. Upon discovering Jean-Pierre Lavoignat’s latest publication, Alain Delon’s son seemed delighted. He thus reveals that he also knew this last wish of the actor.

“Yes, it was done. I confirm. »commented Anthony Delon.

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