Hiromi Rollin denounces an “attempted intentional homicide” by the Delon children against their father

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In a letter sent to the prosecutor through her lawyer, the sexagenarian believes that the exchanges of messages between the children “clearly demonstrate” that they were aware that their treatment was “vital.”

New judicial salvo. The person who presents himself as Alain Delon’s partner sent a letter this Friday in which he asks the Montargis prosecutor’s office to “Investigations are being carried out urgently.» about facts that, according to her, resemble a “attempted intentional homicide» of Alain Delon’s children about the 88-year-old actor, it was learned The Figaro from a source close to the file.

In this letter, written by his lawyer Me Yassine Bouzrou and which The Figaro According to what he was able to consult, Hiromi Rollin highlights the deterioration of the state of health of the octogenarian with whom she lived for more than thirty years on the Douchy property, and from whom she was expelled by the Delon children in the summer of 2023. The latter estimated that Hiromi Rollin , whom they present as the “companion lady» from his father, abused his vulnerability and used violence against him. However, the three children’s complaints were dismissed for lack of convincing evidence by the Montargis prosecutor’s office in early January.

Stop “life-saving treatments”

After becoming a civil party for acts of “slanderous allegations“, Hiromi Rollin strikes back again with accusations of “attempted intentional homicide“. He maintains that, when he was still living with the actor who suffered from diffuse lymphoma, his health was stable thanks to the follow-up care provided by his Swiss doctors. However, after his forced departure from Douchy, “Madame Rollin learned that Mr. Delon had not been taken to Switzerland for a new check-up scheduled for August 28, 2023 and that he had not consulted Doctor G. since June 30, 2023.», preview Me Bouzrou.

According to the sexagenarian, this decision of the children to end the treatments is clearly expressed in “message exchanges (…) being aware that they are vital» and that his judgment “would precipitate his father’s death», it is specified in the letter. In a series of text messages dated last July and which The Figaro was able to consult, Anouchka and her brothers Anthony and Alain-Fabien were discussing monitoring their father’s medical treatment. Anthony proposed in particular “Immediately stop chemotherapy, buy a juice machine and also feed him fruit juices to compensate for his deficiencies.», believing that chemotherapy “will help speed up the inevitable».

“Sudden and rapid deterioration” of Alain Delon’s condition

The cessation of the treatments would have been decided as a result of these exchanges, against medical advice and when Hiromi Rollin was no longer there to guarantee the “daily care» by Alain Delon. The sexagenarian and her lawyer establish a direct link between this “lack of monitoring” and “the sudden, rapid and serious deterioration of the state of health” of the ancient icon of French cinema.

“The Delon children cannot ignore that replacing intense pharmacological treatment with fruit juices will in no way guarantee the stability of the state of health of an 88-year-old man who suffers from a serious illness that is usually treated by specialized doctors.” underlines Me Yassine Bouzrou in the document sent to the prosecutor. And to conclude: “These elements allow us to affirm that they had committed acts that could characterize attempted homicide.»

For its part, Anouchka’s entourage affirms Figaro that this complaint”does not report all of its actions to restore attention»as long as his will is good«urgent resumption of treatments“As for Alain Delon’s lawyer, Christophe Ayela, he asks for an evaluation”emergency of Mr. Delon’s medical situation to decide on the resumption of his treatment by his doctors“. It remains to be seen whether or not Montargis’ prosecutor will decide to open an investigation following Hiromi Rollin’s letter.

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