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By Elsa Girard-Basset | web journalist

After two years of fighting lung cancer, Florent Pagny ended 2023 on a positive note, announcing that he had defeated his tumor for the third time. But the singer knew well that the game was far from won and, furthermore, his latest comments in the JDD columns are a worrying reminder of this.

Because the lung cancer that affects him is as cruel as it is unpredictable, no one knows what the outcome of Florent Pagny’s fight against the disease will be. The truth, however, is that the interpreter of “My freedom to think” has won the hearts of all French people with his bravery, his transparency and his lucidity in the face of the situation.

Recently chosen as the 2nd favorite personality of the French, taking a big leap in the process, the singer returned to Argentina at the end of 2023 after several months of grueling treatment. But should we still claim victory? The answer is obviously no. Having already left twice and then returned, his tumor was defeated for the third time… but for how long? He himself doesn’t know.

Florent Pagny worried about the outcome of his illness

Questioned by the JDD, Pagny seemed almost defensive, as if he was unfortunately expecting bad news:

My new project in life is to not have any. Every three months everything is questioned. Every two months even since I have to go for a new check on January 15th. Although I have gotten used to improving, a simple check can suddenly change the cards.

It is enough to say: “Ah, there is a problem there,” and we go back to receiving chemotherapy, radiation… That limits our perspectives. If the news on January 15 is good, I will stay in Argentina until April. Otherwise, return to France to start treatment, hoping it works…

And the singer makes the point clear, very aware of the reality of things:

It is no longer I who is in charge, but the disease.

Despite everything, Florent Pagny is aware that he also experienced great moments in 2023, especially when he returned to the stage. Then he found an audience even closer to him, even more moved, and to whom he was able to present an equally powerful but even improved voice. He explains it like this, not without emotion:

My voice even became clearer. Because I use my lungs less than my air column, lower in the stomach. I don’t know if it’s because of what people see about my illness, but I notice that the emotions are much stronger now in the public…

Without planning too much, because his illness does not allow it, Florent Pagny has chosen to be very careful in his communication. Let’s hope that the fateful meeting on January 15 brings good news, that the singer with the golden voice can return to rest near his beloved Patagonia. Obviously this is everything we wish for him, and more…

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