Here it all begins (spoilers): Anthony makes a shocking discovery about Vic

On April 3 in Everything Starts Here (TF1, 18:35), nothing is going well between Laëtitia and Zacharie, Souleymane puts too much pressure on himself and Anthony makes a shocking discovery about Vic…

In the episode ofThis is where it all begins from Wednesday, April 3, 2024, Laëtitia (Florence Coste) is not in a good mood. She really believed that Zacharie (Julien Alluguette) was going to ask for her hand the week before and she finds it very difficult that he didn’t. She feels that her boyfriend is no longer trying to seduce her. Kelly (Axelle Dodier) reminds her that passion always diminishes in a relationship, but Laëtitia doesn’t care. She would like things to change. Later, Zacharie comes to see Laëtitia at her house. He recognizes that routine has entered her relationship and makes her a proposal: what if they tried to live together, let’s see what that gives? Finding this proposal very unromantic, Laëtitia becomes angry and leaves the place. Find shelter with Kelly.

In the kitchen, Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) bougonne. He keeps failing his flan and starts to panic about the next day’s exam. Pénélope (Laurence Facelina) tries to reassure him that it’s just a note, but Souleymane doesn’t see things that way. He believes that he has no right to miss his studies, especially since his father took many risks to keep him in his place… Worried, Pénélope decides to organize an afternoon on the yacht so that Souleymane can clarify his ideas. He asks Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) to go there with his son, but the latter is afraid that the conversation will go wrong and asks his partner to accompany them.

When he reaches the beach, Souleymane begins to moan. She thinks she should take advantage of her day to study instead of sailing on a yacht with her father. To calm him down, Penelope makes him recite certain recipes. Souleymane knows everything. What she needs now is to relax before the exam. In the end, Souleymane has a great time. His father takes the opportunity to give him some advice: he should enjoy cooking, not put pressure on himself to get grades.

Anthony discovers that Vic caused his breakup with Hortense

After spending the night at Jude’s house (Galaad Quenouillère), Mehdi (Marvin Pellegrino) tries to approach Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka), who pushes him away. The young woman does not feel ready to argue, convinced that her husband took advantage of her absence the day before to take his place at the head of his brigade. She feels that Mehdi is not trustworthy, as his father told him, and that he can only count on Anthony (Tristan Le Vexier). Vic (Lou Ladegaillerie) still thinks Anthony is taking advantage of the situation. She suspects that he wants to become director of her father’s clinic.

When you get to the kitchen, Hortense gives soap to her brigade. She doesn’t appreciate at all that they called Mehdi for help the day before, instead of talking to her. Leonard (Thomas Vilan) explains that he had no choice. Some of the things Hortense asked of them were very technical and they are only in her first year. Hortense acknowledges that he should have supervised them more. She decides to take matters into her own hands, but she asks her squad to no longer ask her husband for help.

Later, Hortense meets Anthony for coffee. and tells him about Mehdi. They have been arguing for some time. Anthony highlights that it is not unusual for the death of a loved one to create tensions between the couple… Upon returning to the Institute, Hortense meets Vic, who makes her feel guilty for having spent time with Anthony. Tired, Vic declares that she will do everything possible to prove to Hortense that Anthony is only there to take back her father’s clinic.

To catch Anthony, Vic asks him to come see her at boarding school. While Hortense hides in the bathroom, she asks the young man to leave town. In exchange, she will vote for him on the board of directors. Anthony says he doesn’t care about the job and won’t leave. If he is there it is to support Hortense, nothing more. He will stay until she asks him to leave…

Shortly after, Anthony returns to the Institute and calls Vic in the park. He saw Hortense’s coat as she left the room and knows she was in the bathroom when Vic asked her questions. Disgusted, he accuses Vic of trying to manipulate her sister, exactly as she did four years earlier by causing her breakup. In fact, he suspects that Vic stole his phone to send Hortense’s nude to the entire university. Vic doesn’t know what to answer, move on…

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