“He probably has a better record than the adventurers who will go to orientation.”

Ko Lanta, your merciless universe. This Tuesday, April 2 on TF1, on the occasion of the broadcast of episode 7 of Koh-Lanta, the immunity hunters presented by Denis Brogniart, the Matukad (red) team, in a small way, has lost comfort and immunity tests in quick succession. Above all, Maxime trusted Jean too much by telling him that he was willing to eliminate his teammates at the time of reunification. A confidence that the carpenter immediately repeated to the rest of the camp, jeopardizing Maxime’s place within the team. And this was not lacking at the time of the council since The engineer received nine votes against himwhich caused his removal from the game. The 43-year-old strategist gave his impressions to Tele-Leisure.

I wanted to see Jean with me at the orientation exam.“reports Maxime, removed from Koh-Lanta, the immunity hunters in TF1

Tele-Leisure : Being eliminated just before reunification, is it in your opinion the worst thing that could happen to you?
: No. The worst thing would have been to do a Steve, that is, to appear in the first episode.

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As a strategist, was this something you feared?
There were many things I feared. For example, in the supermarket test where we were blindfolded, I was afraid of twisting my ankle. I have problems with my ankles, which I have often broken or sprained in the past. I am very happy with the trip I have taken, but I am disappointed that I made this misstep with Jean.

Do you feel like you have been betrayed?
Clearly. We did the entire beginning of the adventure together: we built the cabin, we constantly stoked the fire… I never had a conversation with Jean about this topic, but he wanted to see it with me in the ordeal of orientation. Also with Léa I wanted us to go as far as possible. I also got along well with Julie and Meïssa. So what I told Jean was that if ever, before reunification, we were unable to dissolve the group of four who wanted to move forward together (Cécile, Mégane, David and Ricky, editor’s note), I would have to find a strategy to break it up. . Even if that means temporarily allying with the yellows. Does not matter. But Jean was quite opportunistic and he decided to tell others because he felt in trouble like Léa and me. It is true that several times he told the council that he preached lies in order to know the truth. I didn’t have a conversation with him to know exactly what his game was, but for me, Ko Lanta It’s a game, so he might betray me.

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Maxime removed from Koh-Lanta, the immunity hunters : Who do you support during the rest of the adventure in TF1?

You have often gotten the black ball in tests. Do you think this prevented you from demonstrating the full extent of your capabilities?
No. I got more black balls than I lost. I was decisive in quite a few tests. During the testing of the rafts I designed, when I hear Denis Brogniart say that no one had ever gone so fast, it is a satisfaction, a source of pride. By leaving halfway, I probably have a better record than the adventurers who will make it to the orientation exam. But when I take out the black ball and realize that my team is making big mistakes, it pisses me off. In the last immunity test, for example, I would never have sent Julie. I would have put Jean in his place. We needed someone strong who could pull the rope and, above all, who had skill. I spoke to him about this after the ordeal. He told me that he had offered but that Julie was feeling better…

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Who do you plan to support during the rest of the adventure?
I have a small quartet: Grass that it came after everyone else and that it is a systematic objective. She is young, so winning 100,000 euros would be incredible for her. Cowboy because my elimination was well done on his part and we still had good times together. David that deserves to go as far as possible. And I like it too Sebastian on the yellow team because he kicked our butts anyway in two events. I would have liked to face him in the hanging pigs (the lazy test, editor’s note), but unfortunately I drew the black ball. He seems like a good guy to me so I want him to go as far as possible.

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