Gwendoline Hamon (Cassandre) talks about the time she woke up in a man’s bed without knowing what she was doing there.

As Florence Cassandre, Gwendoline Hamon has been at the height of France 3 fiction for eight seasons. She talked about a tragedy she experienced.

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Since 2015, Gwendoline Hamon has played cassandra, a heroine who juggles her roles as wife, mother and commissioner, sending her contemporaries an image that resembles them. The series returns with a new episode broadcast this Saturday, March 30 on France 3. Allergic to servile epithets, who grew up under the wing of a director grandmother and a grandfather, Jean Anouilh, playwright, shares a taste with her character. for others and for life. Listening alternately to the clown or the little soldier who have guided her steps since she was little, he has made sincerity her hallmark and the things of life her favorite playground.

cassandra : Gwendoline Hammon b “I have gotten angry several times”

At a time when some actresses are denouncing sexist violence, our journalist Isabelle Dmujeres asked her if she had suffered this type of attacks. “I got upset several times, but I knew how to defend myself, I wasn’t afraid. Except once, when I woke up in a man’s bed without knowing what I was doing there. I was 16 or 17, I guess someone had put something in my drink, luckily nothing happened to me, I felt it“, Said Gwendoline Hamon on the podcast shadows and light. “But we do not fight for ourselves, we fight to help those who do not have the means or the strength to rebel, as we do with the association For women in the media“.

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cassandra : Gwendoline Hamon talks about her film debut. Links by Maurice Pialat

Gwendoline Hamon He also remembered his first steps on a set. “My father always told me that I was a clown. As a child I did imitations, I did shows and, at the same time, I was a pain in the ass, I always wanted to be in the arms of my parents, who called me Moumou the puree!” , said Gwendoline Hamon. “One day, a friend of my grandmother told her that Mauricio Pialat I was looking for a girl for the filming of Links. They took me, I liked it, but I didn’t plan it in advance. What I knew was that I needed to be loved.”

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