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Guy Lagache reveals the extreme behind the scenes of the filming of “Terres d’urgence”

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INTERVIEW – Received on “Buzz TV” this Wednesday, February 21, the journalist and director comments on the latest issue of his documentary program, filmed in Mauritania.

Guy Lagache He was a guest of “Buzz TV” this Wednesday, February 21 to talk about his documentary program “Emergency Lands” on Ushuaia TV. The opportunity for him to return to the next episode of his series, filmed in Mauritania and broadcast this Saturday night in the first part of the evening.

The journalist recalled the filming carried out in extraordinary conditions. “We were there during the hot season: you work until ten in the morning and then it is no longer possible. says the director. “We drank up to seven liters of water a day!” Guy Lagache reveals that Mauritanians themselves do not work between eleven and five hours during the hot season: “What’s very surprising is that heat can really paralyze a country.”

The journalist highlights the difficult daily life of those who he calls “desert fighters». “The sand is advancing with more and more force in this region, it is invading people’s lives,” he insists, specifying what he came to observe, with his co-director Baptiste Rimbert, in this region of the world. “We wanted to see how we fight the desert.” says Guy Lagache. “How can you support your family when you have to travel miles to fetch water, morning and afternoon?”

Between these “fighters», the journalist mentions the “sand removers», whom he compares to Sisyphus. This new job was created after the sand reached the neighbors’ houses. Guy Lagache wants to greet you: “I saw it in these people: in humans, there is a genius and a resilience that makes this need to overcome it strong.”

A commitment that is born with “Capital”

Guy Lagache talks about the origins of his beliefs: “I was not born an activist, at first I was a little bored”, even the journalist admits. Presenting the show “Capital” on the M6 ​​in the 2000s and 2010s, he traveled widely and gained a better understanding of the ecological cause. “We invented the first major research series called “Capital Terre,” to tell the story of how human activity impacts the environment. he explains. “Since then it has not abandoned me.”

The director also recalled the birth of “Terres d’urgence”, in March 2023. A show that the interested party has always imagined in series form: “I immediately thought of that (…) what would be interesting, more than a single topic, is to propose a series to better explore communities and ecosystems,” he emphasizes. “It is a program that I proposed to Ushuaia TV, with the aim of going to see the people on the front line.», confides the former face of the Six. “What interests me is to see how they adapt to the release of elements linked to this changing climate.», further states Guy Lagache.

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