Great failure in the cinema, this thriller has become a cult: it is finally available on Amazon Prime Video

news culture Great failure in the cinema, this thriller has become a cult: it is finally available on Amazon Prime Video

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It is not always easy to predict the success of a film at the cinema. Certain titles, poorly received by critics, become real hits, unexpected feature films end up winning dozens of awards and productions that, however, were promising, fail completely. But time always does its job.

Cult movies? Yes, but failures at the box office

Apart from a handful of visionaries, no one I had not predicted the success of Star Wars in 1997. Likewise, we did not suspect that Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse had in it the ingredients of one of the best animated films ever released, and no one, in 1994, imagined that the fugitives was going to wallow at the box office, dejected by the competition represented by Forrest Gump and Pulp fiction. The same for The Big Lebowski, Blade Runner either Donnie Darko. In short, unexpected failures are numerous, but often, a few years are enough to rehabilitate them.

This does not recover the money lost during the screening period, but it imposes these commercial failures as important films. Even the greatest directors have sometimes was the case of Brian de Palma. Of Impulses has Scarfacegoing by The Untouchables, Mission Impossible, The Black Dahlia either Outrage, cult films abound on the American director’s resume. If you are a cinephile and you like the work of Brian de Palma, you are probably saying to yourself “and Burst So?!” And you’re right.

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Blow Out: this commercial failure that has become a cult favorite on Amazon Prime Video

Except when it was released in 1981, Blow Out was shot down by critics regardless of the country, and the public did not respond further. With a budget of 18 million dollars, the film it only reported 13.7, which plunged the director into deep anguish. Questioned on this topic, he stated in particular: “ I exposed myself in this film. And it’s a disaster! “. He thinks in particular that the image of J.John Travolta, accompanied in the feature film by Nancy AllenJohn Lithgow, Dennis Franz and Peter Boyden played against the film, which is not a love story at all.

Furthermore, the mix between action cinema and political cinema seems to have kept the public away from the theatres, the latter still being very marked by the Watergate affair and the political conspiracy that surrounds it. But little by little opinions evolved. Today, Blow Out is considered a cult film, and Quentin Tarantino He even says that it is one of his favorite films and that it is De Palma’s best film.

By the way, John Travolta. He would have been chosen for Pulp Fiction thanks to Blow Out. Telling the story of a sound engineer who witnessed an “accident” that cost the life of a presidential election candidate. However, the latter is convinced that he attended a assassinat, and he intends to prove it. The ending, the rhythm and the story caused the film to fail upon its release, but it is these elements that allowed it to become a cult work. And if you want to see it, now it is possible. since it very recently integrated the platform catalog from SVOD Amazon Prime Video.

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