Grand finale of the Red Bracelets: actress Margot Blondin tells us

“By shaving my hair in the second season, I learned to distance myself from the image I wanted to project,” says Margot Blondin. The interpreter of young Margot in the series Red Bracelets He says he experienced a lot of emotions when he landed his first television role.

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Actress Margot Blondin felt attached to the character of Margot from the first audition. Beyond sharing the same name, she explains that she would have “been really disappointed” not to have landed the role of this 17-year-old girl suffering from cancer, then in remission, in the heartwarming series. The red bracelets.

“I knew I would have to shave my hair for this role and the audition process motivated me even more to do it. She was really prepared mentally, although thinking about it is not the same as doing it in real life,” says the 24-year-old actress, who even shaved her head while the camera was rolling.

“At first, how drastic it was, I said to myself: Oh my God, I’m bald! There were times when I had a hard time finding myself pretty. So I would say that something changed in my relationship with myself,” explains the young Montrealer raised in a family of artists.

It’s new look However, it allows him to audition for characters he would not have had access to before, “probably richer and different,” he believes.

“TO punk for example, it’s really not the kind of thing I would have auditioned for before. At the same time, it shows how foundry it may be limited… Now I respond to the description “not very pretty”; that makes me laugh. I have access to more roles. tomboy with more (more) challenges. It helps me stand out, because there are fewer girls with short hair,” confesses the actress who wants to do dubbing.

Photo provided by Vivien Gaumand.

The end of Red Bracelets

The moving series that follows the daily lives of young patients will end this year, after three seasons. The final episode will air on March 26. Filming ended last December.

“I was afraid of feeling empty, but watching the series right now on television makes me feel good,” he confesses.

The actress says she is happy with the great ending and the conclusion of her character. Without wanting to reveal too much, she affirms that the last scenes will be “moving, very beautiful and very faithful to the Red Bracelets».

“We were all together for the final scene and the location was really beautiful! It was fun being together one last time. We felt it was special. There are also many beautiful moments with Anthony (who plays his lover on the show),” she says.

We will soon be able to see Margot Blondin in the cinema in the feature film L’ouragan, fuck you tabarnak! starring Antoine Olivier Pilon and Neils Schneider. He will also play a small role in Daniel Roby’s film which tells the life of Quebec pilot Gilles Villeneuve..

– The Serie Red Bracelets It airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on TVA. The grand final will be presented on March 26.

Photo provided by Vivien Gaumand.

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