Grammy Awards: Killer Mike allegedly injured security guard by knocking her to the ground

Rapper Killer Mike injured a security guard at the Arena in Los Angeles, which would explain why he was arrested after winning three Grammy Awards on Sunday.

The 48-year-old artist flatly rejected this information in a statement transmitted to Rolling Stone.

The magazine reports that the Atlanta rapper, whose real name is Michael Render, had a disagreement with the security guard near the entrance he had been assigned. The woman told police she asked Render to show her his ticket to direct him to a security checkpoint. She claims Render tried to go around her and she managed to get back in front of him, and that’s when he “pushed her to the ground,” according to a source.

Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP

The security guard apparently suffered injuries to her hand and fingers, a Los Angeles police source said.

He called for help and other security officers surrounded Render and then called the police.

A medical team then attended to the security guard. His alleged injuries were photographed and Render was arrested for assault.

In his statement to Rolling Stone, Render denies everything. “As you can imagine, there was a lot going on and there was some confusion about which door my team and I should enter through. We encountered an overzealous security guard, but my team and I are confident that I will ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing.”

“The situation has been exaggerated, but we are confident that the facts of this case, when exposed, will demonstrate that Mike did not commit the alleged crime and that he will be exonerated,” added a source from the rapper’s team. .

Killer Mike, which was released later, won best rap album, best rap song and best rap performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

Double standard compared to Will Smith?

Rolling Stone He remembers in his newspaper the incident at the Oscars, in 2022, when Will Smith hit presenter Chris Rock in the face in front of the cameras, without being arrested. He was able to calmly return to his seat and continued to attend the award ceremony hosted by his victim.

A source within the justice system said there is “a big difference” between the Will Smith case and the Killer Mike case.

“Chris Rock didn’t want to press charges, he didn’t want an arrest. He was a fellow artist and I guess they figured it out themselves. “If Chris Rock had said, ‘I want to make a citizen’s arrest,’ it would have been an honor.”

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