Georges Laraque would knock down Ryan Reaves with one hand behind his back

A month and a half ago, Jean “JT” Trudel and I had the idea of ​​launching a podcast in which we were going to allow ourselves to say pretty much everything that came to mind. It was going to be relatively dangerous, but that’s how to do it (real) podcasting.

The idea of ​​finding one of the boys who shaped the universe of Web The Quebec athlete at the same time excited me (figuratively, not literally, gang of…).

So we decided to embark on a species Pilot project of 10 episodes. evidence together with Serge Fortin of the new start up digital 9 million. And here we are already at the seventh!

The seventh episode has only been online for a few minutes and is hitting hard. On the menu: we have abandonment Some interesting information about Logan Mailloux, Cole Caufield, the Alouettes and CF Montreal…

Then we received Georges Laraque, to whom we had entrusted a mission (which he fulfilled with great success): answer all our questions. God knows sometimes they hit us…

Georges showed up on our set like he was a (big) open book.

In particular, he admitted that if he were a NHL player Today, I would have no problem sleeping the night before a game and instead of trying to sleep a few hours before the game disk dropI went shopping. Even if I had to throw down the gloves with Ryan Reaves overnight!

“A hand on the back… easy!” » – Georges Laraque

@9millones_ If he played in the NHL today, Georges Laraque would go shopping in the afternoon… and send Ryan Reaves to dreamland with one hand behind his back that same night. 🥊🏒 Excerpt from the podcast Stanley25 (@9millions_ ♬ original son – 9 million

Georges also confided that he gave lessons and advice to Michael Pezzetta and Arber Xhekaj… but also to Matt Rempe. #Ladle

When I asked him how he felt seeing Donald Brashear return to fight in the LNAH at age 52, Georges simply admitted that he found it sad and that he sent him a lot of love. According to Georges, Brashear does a lot of this just for cash…

@9millones_Donald Brashear on LNAH (for the money?): Georges Laraque finds him sad and sends him lots of love. Excerpt from the Stanley25 podcast.

♬ original son – 9 million

Georges also told us about Ayahuasca, racism, speedsome girls (trans or not), Bob Gainey, Sidney Crosby, parties in the nhlof his childhood in Sorel, of Annie Pelletier, of curfew, of Jean Perron, of politics and so on (really).

Sincerely, I invite you to watch this seventh episode (of a mini series of 10, I remind you) as soon as you have the opportunity (or the time). It’s probably the best we have. typescript until now.

If all goes well, we’ll talk next week with a former manager who worked for the Canadiens. He will tell us what it is like to work for the Canadian…

Is it so beautiful and fun What does it look like from the outside?

Spoiler alert: nope!

A lot

– CF Montreal puts a lot of pressure on the rival (and it’s worth it).

– The Coyotes’ record is evolving, but not quickly.

– The Flames offer a contract to a prospect acquired in the Elias Lindholm transaction.

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