Gary Oldman wants to direct another movie

Making a first film is difficult, making the second one is even more difficult!

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In any case, this is the experience that Gary Oldman is going through. The Oscar-winning actor for his role as Churchill, who made his directorial debut with Do not swallow In 1997, he revealed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that he had been trying for years to get his second feature film off the ground.

“It’s not for lack of trying. There have been quite a few scripts over the years and there is one in particular that I would like to direct, but it has been eleven years since I wrote it, he said. He had a room that was not like Do not swallow, but I think she had the same honesty and intensity. »

Gary Oldman, now 65, said he used much of his own money to earn Do not swallow, co-produced with Luc Besson and Douglas Urbanski. The film, which he also wrote and which is based on his family history, opened the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. The music for this two-hour drama film is by Eric Clapton. Do not swallow It was crowned with numerous awards, including the BAFTA awards for original screenplay, for Gary Oldman, and best British film. Despite this, the launch of a new project has not yet occurred!

Now the Harry Potter star believes he should seek completely external financing for his second feature film. “I used a lot of my own money when I realized Do not swallow and I will never do it again… that’s the cardinal rule, never do it,” he said.

But I repeat, it is not simple. Investors have requirements that do not necessarily coincide with those of the director. You lose control of your creative vision by getting funding from other people. “I’ve tried to do other things, but it’s a very difficult game, you have to go to people who have money and they make casting suggestions that are absolutely ridiculous,” he said, lamenting. “This is the kind of thing we always deal with.”

On this topic, he referred to producer Harvey Weinstein, nicknamed “Harvey Scissors” in the film industry because he was known for his extensive retouching of the films produced by his company. “I don’t have (producer) Harvey Weinstein at the end of the movie wanting to cut it, rewrite a scene, reshoot it and everything else. There may be too many people around the table and there may be too many cooks in the kitchen,” he believes. But he’s not there!

Fortunately, Gary Oldman’s career as an actor has been a success.

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