Françoise Hardy celebrates her 80th birthday: a look back at her career

PARIS | Françoise Hardy celebrates her 80th birthday on Wednesday. This is the opportunity to return to the singer’s classics, All the boys and girls has Message Staff.

The artist made headlines again and declared that she was living a “nightmare” after pharyngeal cancer and that she wanted to “leave soon and quickly” in a shocking interview with Paris Party in December.

More joyfully, several artists – from her son, Thomas Dutronc, to Clara Luciani or Keren Ann – will celebrate her at Hyper Weekend, a Radio France festival in Paris, on January 28.

Plebiscite for All the boys and girls

On October 28, 1962, on the only television channel of the time, this song is the interlude while waiting for the results of the referendum for the transition from the election of the President of the Republic to universal suffrage.

It is a plebiscite for All the boys and girls. Françoise Hardy, who was then composing and writing her texts, was 18 years old. Success falls upon him and his destiny changes.

A year earlier, he opened the door to Vogue, telling himself that he could sign for this record company that, in his opinion, was not very careful with certain productions.

Dutronc and The time of love

This is another song from 1962 that will resonate for a long time. “It’s the time for love, the time for friends and adventure…” appears on the film’s soundtrack Moonrise Kingdom (2012) by Wes Anderson.

The “surf” guitar chords, popular among Californian musicians of the time, come from an instrumental, that of Fort Chabrolby a certain Jacques Dutronc, who works at Vogue.

This working relationship later developed into a marriage with a son, Thomas, who also became a singer. A union with ups and downs.

“I probably haven’t mentioned Françoise enough here, who saved my life,” Dutronc concludes in his autobiography. and me and me and me.

The forgotten author of My friend the rose

Cécile Caulier remained largely unknown to the general public until her death in 2009. However, it was she who wrote this ballad, proposed in vain to many artists and adopted by Françoise Hardy in 1964.

The song will have several lives, including a version by Natacha Atlas in 1999.

But it is Françoise Hardy’s version that Shurik’n, ​​pillar of the rap group IAM, recently highlighted on France Inter. “A song I grew up with. My mother listened to it all the time, (a song that) makes us think about our way of living and facing life and death.

dance version of How to say goodbye

1968 song How to say goodbye It is written by Serge Gainsbourg. This piece is an adaptation of It hurts to say goodbye by the American Margaret Whiting.

“Your Pyrex heart/resists the fire/I’m very perplexed/I don’t want/I propose to say goodbye”: the rhymes of “ex” mischievously divide the phrases of this song into two, which has become one of his hits. anus.

And it is Hardy’s version that Jimmy Somerville, former leader of Bronski Beat, covers, with choruses in French, but with a dance rhythm, twenty years later.

The movement Message Staff

“It did me a lot of good to express in words the frustrations and pains of my personal life, but it was also the most beautiful and moving message possible that I directed to the object of my torments,” Françoise Hardy said in 2021 in AFP.

It was Jacques Dutronc who this Message Staffjewel of the repertoire composed with Michel Berger.

“If you believe one day that you love me/Don’t wait a day, not a week (…) Come find me,” he intones.

A true bond unites them today, although the singer has started a new life in Corsica. “Jacques was, and still is, the man of my life and our bond seems indestructible to me,” he confessed to AFP in 2021.

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