Former “Star Wars” actress sues Disney for wrongful termination

Gina Carano, former actress of the “Star Wars” universe, announced this Tuesday that she will file a complaint against Disney, because she believes that her dismissal was motivated by her controversial positions on the Holocaust, the pandemic or transgender human rights.

This judicial procedure, supported and financed by Elon Musk, head of X known for his conservative positions, is a new example of the cultural wars that deeply divide the United States.

Gina Carano played one of the recurring roles in the series “The Mandalorian”, taken from the “Star Wars” universe, before being hired by Disney in 2021.

In her complaint, she explains having been harassed online by “left-wing extremists” and believes that her employer has tarnished her reputation and reduced her chances of working in the audiovisual industry.

Disney had announced that it was parting ways with this actress specializing in martial arts due to her “hateful and unacceptable messages” on social networks, “denigrating people for their cultural and religious identity.”

Gina Carano notably equated being an American conservative with the isolation of Jews in Nazi Germany.


“Nazi soldiers could easily arrest thousands of Jews,” because “the government made their own neighbors hate them simply because they were Jews,” he wrote in “Is Hate Toward Someone Because of Their Political Opinions?”

He accompanied this publication with a photograph of a Jewish woman beaten under Hitler’s regime.

The actress also mocked a person who wore multiple masks during the Covid-19 pandemic in California in another post.

He also generated controversy by adopting “boop/bop/beep” as a pronoun on his social media profile, a decision seen by his detractors as a dig at transgender people.

In a statement released Tuesday, Carano said she “never used aggressive language.” According to her, her publications were intended to “make you think” and were published with “respect and occasionally humor.”

Her complaint claims that the actress did not benefit from the same freedom of expression as some of her male colleagues.

The social network

“We are proud to financially support Gina Carano’s procedure,” Elon Musk’s company stressed in an official message on Tuesday.

Asked by AFP, Disney did not comment.

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