Florian (Married at First Sight 2024) very excited by the pleasant surprise received a few minutes before his wedding

Florian is about to get married in Gibraltar and discover the woman he is compatible with. Married at first sight. A few minutes before the ceremony she received a pleasant surprise.

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The adventure continues in Married at first sight, every Monday night on the M6. Flo and Tracy had their first explanation on their wedding night, while Ophélie and Loïc just said yes. Florian, is one of the other candidates for season 8 of Married at first sight. She decided to entrust her romantic destiny to M6 and science to find her ideal partner. And he did well to sign up for this atypical experience, because Estelle Dossin and Gilbert Bou Jaoudé found him a woman who was 78% compatible with him. Florian learned the good news from his sister, with whom he is very close. If the latter is delighted to soon have a sister-in-law, his parents had difficulty digesting the beautiful news. The father of the family, José, completely exploded.

“I was not expecting you”says Florian Married at first sight 2024 to your surprise

“Did you blow a fuse? It’s a real marriage, it’s a commitment (…) If you marry someone it’s because you love them, it’s because you spent time together before“, José told his son, before dropping the microphone to leave the filming. So, without his father, Florian arrived in Gibraltar, ready to meet his future wife, but a pleasant surprise awaited the bachelor. “I was not expecting you”He snapped when he discovered his father entering his hotel room: “You’re handsome !” “When he announced his marriage to me I felt very bad, very, very bad. It took me quite a while to get over it.. It really moved me. Time has meant that I am here today to support you. “I’m proud of my son today.”José confesses in front of the camera.

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“I see a lot of emotion in my father’s eyes.”Florian confesses (MAPR 2024) on M6

“It is because of you that I am here Florian”José confesses, overwhelmed by seeing his son so handsome. “Strangely, I didn’t see my father coming at all. and he made the decision to please me by being present, so big surprise. Getting married without your parents is complicated. “I see a lot of emotion in my father’s eyes, it moves me a lot.”, Florian confesses, happy to finally have his loved ones by his side on this important day. Will he fall in love with Alice, the woman who is 78% compatible with him? To follow.

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