Florent Pagny gives the news of his life in the face of cancer

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Florent Pagny was named the second favorite personality of the French in 2023 in the ranking of JDD. The singer agreed to answer some questions from the weekly about his health and his plans.

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“I was very honored and proud when I found out. But I’m not going to jump either: the illness must have weighed in the balance. So thanks again, Cancer! Florent Pagny is impassive when talking about his place as the second favorite personality of the French in the Journal du Dimanche ranking, behind the indestructible. Jean-Jacques Goldman. This Sunday, January 7, he reacted to this tribute in the weekly newspaper and broke the news about him, from Patagonia, where he returned to live with his wife, Azucena Camano. The singer has been suffering from lung cancer since January 2022. An illness that made her change her vision of her life and her role as “message bearer”. “I see it in the numerous testimonies I receive from patients: it is as if I have assumed the role of a clairvoyant, although I do not get up in the morning to tell my story about the disease.” he points out.

Despite his illness, Florent Pagny never stopped singing

Florent Pagny took the stage and released in 2023, and despite his illness, an album of duets, 2 bis. There he performs his greatest hits, accompanied by other artists. Proof that cancer has not separated him from his passion and his profession.The illness did not stop me from singing., otherwise. My voice even became clearer. Because I use my lungs less than my column of air, lower in the stomach.”he explains.

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The fear of a relapse prevents him from multiplying projects

Florent Pagny, however, is cautious about the projects he allows himself to carry out.Every three months everything is questioned. Every two months, even since I have to go get a new check on January 15th.. Although I got used to feeling better, a simple check can suddenly rearrange the cards, he said. The singer has already suffered a relapse and is afraid of the results of his exams: “It limits perspectives.” On the other hand, he still wants to return to the stage, for his 65th birthday. “It will be in 2026, that gives me a little time…”

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