Florent Pagny, at war with the tax authorities, received a panicked call from his mother: “They are taking over the house!”

The rest after the announcement.

Florent Pagny, who continues his path of recovery after lung cancer, went to recharge his batteries in Patagonia (Argentina) where he raised with his wife Azucena, originally from the countryside, their two children Inca and Ael, 25 years old respectively. and 22 years old. His friend, the novelist Emmanuelle Cosso, recently broke the news to Television star : “I had to say that I had exams in January. He makes them there and if things don’t go well she returns to France. She didn’t come back and if she’s still there, everything is fine. The news are good. I’m glad she didn’t come home.

The woman of letters and ex of Kad Merad is in a good position to give news of the artist, since she worked with him to make the documentary. Florent tells Pagnywhich aired this Friday, March 15 on France 3. It is the continuation of his autobiography. Pagny de Florent released in April 2023. Florent Pagny tells his own story in this film, in which he uses his voice to comment on never-before-seen archive footage. For the rest, he trusted Emmanuelle Cosso and her teams. Many details about the singer are revealed in this documentary. We learn in particular that one day he found himself in “a fiscal storm“, “who is preparing” at that moment “in France“while still benefiting from”Argentine tranquility“.

Florent Pagny and the tax authorities, a long battle of “four years”

A story he tells himself: “I receive a call from my mother who tells me ‘They (the tax collector, editor’s note) are taking the house’“. To which he replies: “Ok, you win: I’m going home.” “We fought. And it lasted four years!he adds. They always thought there was a confusion. They started trying to straighten me out.“In other words, the tax authorities accuse him of having hidden income, as the voice-over explains. Florent Pagny responds by explaining that it is a loan.”and that in no case can it be taxed“. Eventually : “part of his assets are seized.

Florent Pagny then reacts by singing. Because your last hit my freedom of thought, composed by Pascal Obispo, is none other than his response to this situation. He tells through this music what is happening to him. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to avoid a legal attack. “Everything stopped“recalls, who was on tour at that time. The result was finally happy for the artist, as he was released in January 2005. Relieved, however, he preferred to remain discreet and then returned to Argentina: “I don’t make any noise and walk away.

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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