Feminized jury, “hidden brigade”, new mechanics… In its 15th season, “Top Chef” revises its formula

The M6 ​​show, launched in 2010, is almost getting a new look. To be discovered in this new season, a legend with 13 Michelin stars and two talented chefs on a renewed jury.



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Multi-star chef Pierre Gagnaire, May 25, 2023 at the Cannes festival (Alpes-Maritimes).  (CHRISTOPHE SIMÓN / AFP)

How to renew a show that is getting old? All the big brands ask themselves the same question, Ko Lanta has Beijing Express going by The voice. top boss is no exception after 15 years of existence on the M6. The culinary competition is almost being renewed. Every year there are changes, new tests, new chefs, sometimes we change the jury… But, this year, let the spectators prepare themselves: it is really a top boss renewed that we will probably discover from March.

The main novelty is that there will be six juries (and no longer four). Six juries but not six brigades, only two: one gray and one orange. Each run by three chefs, who together have 15 stars! On the one hand, Philippe Etchebest, Paul Pairet and Glenn Viel. On the other, Hélène Darroze and two new additions: Stéphanie Le Quellec, winner of the second season, now with a double star, and Dominique Crenn, little known to the general public, although she is a star of gastronomy, the only woman who has won three macaroni in the United States (she has lived in San Francisco for 30 years), voted best chef in the world in 2016.

So this season it’s a bit women against men, although, unfortunately, among the candidates, as always, the fair sex is very underrepresented. top boss finally has an equal jury. Until now, Hélène Darroze was alone, just like Ghislaine Arabian before her. And the coach’s surprise is that there will be a seventh coach. But he will remain in the shadows, at the head of a hidden brigade, and will enter the competition in the quarterfinals with a previously eliminated candidate. And it is very heavy, since it is Pierre Gagnaire, 13 Michelin stars, a legend!

The show now attracts top chefs.

Unlike the beginning, where the chefs looked askance at this contest, wondering if it was not going to damage the image of gastronomy. Alain Ducasse, Anne-Sophie Pic, Guy Savoy and this year, for the first time, César and Léo Troisgros, no star turns down the invitation. Because top boss It has restored nobility to the chef profession, it has inspired vocations, it has revealed talents: 27 former candidates now have stars. And this program is a plea for eating well, for respecting the seasonality of products and against food waste. It has undeniable educational virtues.

The program remains an emblematic event on the M6, although last season was the least watched since its launch in 2010: 2.2 million viewers on average each Wednesday. However, the score is excellent for the commercial target of women responsible for purchases under 50 years of age: 27% market share. This translates into significant advertising revenue.

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