Faustine Bollaert, caught by a surprise guest, breaks down in tears during her own show

While presenting the program “La Boîte à secrets” on France 3, the presenter received a nice gift. An artist came to sing especially for her on set.

The surprise was total. While presenting a new edition of his program “La Boîte à secrets” on France 3, Faustina Bollaert He was caught by Christophe Willem, one of the three guests of the day along with Vitaa and Daniel Guichard.

In the middle of the show, the singer tells an anecdote about his passion for Madonna. Shortly after, Faustine Bollaert says: “There is a little bit of Madonna that has come here. “We open the box” before being arrested by Christophe Willem. “Wait !”he said before leaving with a loud laugh and continuing “But why do you want to open the box right away? Come to my house.” “What’s happening?”the host asks before sitting in the artist’s seat. “She has been here for a while and she is calm with her files, she laughs when we cry… But you have been a fan of someone, to the core…”continues Christophe Willem. “Yeahresponds Faustine Bollaert. In fact, it is very unpleasant to be in this place…”

“I know you were a fan of someone and I would like to open the box but this time for you.”explains the singer to an astonished Faustine Bollaert. “It’s super embarrassing, it’s horrible… I’m usually the boss here”, he responds with humor. Then, Charles, her brother who lives in Miami, Florida, appears on the screen.

He then describes Faustine Bollaert as a teenager. “If I remember correctly, you were wearing denim jackets, white sneakers, you were wearing Hélène et les Garçons et Madame est servie but above all the most important thing was that in your room at the end of the hallway there was a sign for ‘a darkness’. -Man with long hair, quite handsome with his guitar and a seductive look that took me a long time to master.’ before being joined by his partner Clémence. “We give you a very strong kiss and above all, take a good walk alone on the sand, with your eyes on the water.”they conclude.

“What a surprise! You grabbed me…”

Faustina Bollaert

With these last words, Faustine Bollaert’s brother is evidently referring to Roch Voisine, who triumphed with the hit Helen in the 90s. The box is opened and the Quebec singer appears on the set, guitar in hand. At the first notes, the presenter cannot hide her emotion and bursts into tears. Next, the artist sings the song while the presenter accompanies her from her seat, knowing all of her lyrics by heart and photos of her when she was a teenager play in the background.

Roch Voisine and Faustine Bollaert in the show “La Boîte à secrets”.
Screenshot/France 3

At the end of the sequence, all smiles, Faustine Bollaert asks to mutiny “I can go?” before throwing herself into the singer’s arms. “Oh, but I adore you! Thank you… What a surprise, you caught me!” before approaching Roch Voisine. “I’m so happy to see you!” she asks him before continuing. “I’m really moved, it’s so destabilizing… I love you so much. It’s true that I never had the chance to meet you. I had posters of you all over my room and I even had a poster of you that was your size and sometimes I kissed it before going to bed, but I can’t take responsibility for that!she remembers.
This Saturday, January 14, the host returned to this emotional moment on her Instagram account by publishing this message: “The humor of Christophe Willem, the love of my brother and Clémence, the memories with my mother, the infinite charm of Roch Voisine and this trip through time! Or how to be 12 again…THANK YOU.”

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