Farewell to Scream 7, Melissa Barrera has no regrets about her character

Melissa Barrera recently returned to her expulsion from the saga Shout advance Shout 7and in particular about the fate of his character for the rest of the franchise.

In 2023, Scream VI was a huge success with $169 million at the global box office, a score higher than Shout 4 and Shout 5. Obviously, this financial success was big enough for the producers to quickly announce another sequel to the horror saga. for better, but especially for worse.

In November 2023, the studio fired actress Melissa Barrera from Shout 7, due to messages of support for Palestine on social networks, which were considered anti-Semitic. In the process, it was his colleague Jenna Ortega who abandoned the project, followed by the director. Cristobal Landón. Neve Campbell’s great return, confirmed in March 2024, served as a perfect detour to make people forget this chaotic development.

Months later, Melissa Barrera spoke about this situation again, to say that it is relatively satisfied with the road Scream VI ended for his character.

Scream 6, completed by Sam Carpenter

During an interview with ColliderMelissa Barrera addressed the end of Scream VI, which therefore now serves as a conclusion to the role of Samantha Carpenter that she played:

“I feel like the ending (of Scream VI) was really good. (…) I think people, the fans, wanted a third movie to continue that story, and apparently the plan was to do a trilogy, although I had only signed on for two movies, so I made my two movies and that’s fine with me.”

Scream VI: photo, Melissa BarreraYou can tell he’s happy, right?

If her firing was truly a shock, as she said in January 2024, Melissa Barrera now seems at peace with the saga. Shout and his character:

“I have two movies, which is more than most people have. When you’re on a TV show and it gets cancelled, you can’t stay stagnant, you have to move on. That’s also the nature of the industry. I’m excited for the next job I’m going to have, for the next role I’m going to have. It’s exciting to create a different character. So yes, I feel good about what I planned for it was always two films, because it was my contract, like that. that everything is perfect.”

Scream VI: photo, Melissa BarreraShe really seems happy with her ending.

If Melissa Barrera claims that she had only signed for two films, her return in Shout 7 It seemed well and truly planned. Skeet Ulrich (player of Billy Loomis, secret father of Samantha Carpenter who appeared in Shout 5 and Shout 6) had explained for his part that from the beginning he had been presented with a story in three films. Samantha’s potential killer instinct could have been at the center of the plot Shout 7as was joked at the end of Shout 6.

Whatever happens, we know that we will not see Melissa Barrera again in Shout. Shout 7 This is how Sidney Prescott will return to historythe cult heroine of the saga, absent from Shout 6 because Neve Campbell had rejected the salary offered by the producers. They obviously responded to her request to convince her. There is no doubt that Courteney Cox will also be present.

Shout 7which will be directed by Kevin Williamson, does not yet have a release date at this time.

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