Fabrice Luchini speaks about Judith Godrèche’s complaint against Benoît Jacquot

Fabrice Luchini in “Quotidien”

VIDEO – The actor who knows all the protagonists of the matter spoke this Monday on “Quotidien”.

Complaints have multiplied since the start of the #MeToo movement. Women testify, sometimes years after the alleged events, denouncing sexual assaults, some rapes.

This is the case of Judith Godrèche who filed a complaint against the director Benoît Jacquot to denounce the “sexual abuse” to which the director allegedly subjected her when she was a minor. “A child does not have the power to give consent (…). He is someone who attacks you in many ways. “This person had a twisted relationship with sexuality and I found myself being his sex toy.”declared the actress a few days ago in “C à vous”. Judith Godrèche also filed a complaint against Jacques Doillon, also interrogated by several actresses among them Isild Le Besco and Anna Mouglalis. The two directors deny the facts.

I think desire should be sublimated, especially in film, and there’s no need to get into the reality of that.

Fabrice Luchini in “Quotidien”

Fabrice Luchini, who knows all the protagonists, is invited this Monday, February 12, by Yann Barthès to speak on “Quotidien”. “I could say that I am not going to add comment after comment. My personal position is not important enough to me to say it. But all these events reminded me of something. I had the opportunity to photograph with Éric Rohmer”, Fabrice Luchini begins. In fact, the director allowed the actor to start his career. Claire’s knee. in 1970, then Percival the Welsh in 1978.

“He was the filmmaker of boys who fell in love with actresses. Wonderful women. All his life he fell in love with actresses, but since he was a genius of sublimation, everything was virtual and platonic. Which means that Rohmer was the great contemporary Marivaux and never wanted to realize the potential of his desire. Simply put, Rohmer has always been platonic and no woman has ever been unhappy.he continues.

Man of letters, passionate about literature, obviously with a quote Fabrice Luchini clarifies his answer.. “A man cannot be stopped”he said, echoing Albert Camus before expressing in his own voice: “I am in favor of Éric Rohmer, I believe that desire must be sublimated, especially in cinema and there is no need to enter into the reality of that”says Fabrice Luchini.

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