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Twenty years and dozens of projects later, he has not forgotten his beginnings! As her smash hit ‘Tu Seras’ premieres in early 2024 in a somewhat reworked version, Emma Daumas spoke to Purepeople about her new artistic projects and her professional desires. Without forgetting her beginnings, she for whom it all began at Star Academy, where she made her return a few months ago…

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Her fans will be delighted to see her again! Twenty years after the immense success of her first album, The angel’s JumpEmma Daumas returns at the beginning of 2024 with her most emblematic song: at the age of 40 she decided to release her hit You will be, in a reworked version with Johan Ledoux, the song’s original composer. A decision made by “to score the blow“on this beautiful birthday, how she confided to him pure people In an interview.

I didn’t want to take out the tissues and do something too nostalgic but on the contrary, do something a little creative. And then I called again and I asked him if he was willing to work on a new version of this song.“he said, before assuming”the eclectic universe” that has characterized his career in recent years.

It really is my leitmotif to grow, evolve, be inspired, explore. I really have the soul of an explorer and I hate getting stuck in something, I get bored pretty quickly. In fact, my discography really looks a lot like me. (…) I am proud of this discography“, he confided in particular.

The Star Academy, a “family” that has grown

A twenty-year career that began in a very special place: the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, where he participated in the second season of Star Academy. A season that ended for her in the semifinals against Nolwenn Leroy but that marked her for her entire life. Furthermore, she is not about to lose contact with her program colleagues, whom she sees regularly. And who she might work with again in the future!

I have already worked with Jérémy Châtelain on my third album (Le chemin de la maison, editor’s note), and then we made an announcement together. It is true that it is always a pleasure and these are things that can happen.“, he said in particular. Before being clear: if she would not object to one day meeting the former academics in the studio, their friendship does not depend on their career! “Then it’s true that now we all have slightly different worlds and we’ve all built our own little paths and our own little careers, so if we can come together again at some point and if we can build projects that make sense together, it will be a great pleasure. But above all we are friends and I would almost say a family so let’s not miss the opportunity to share good times together.“.

A very united season and in which they continue to see each other regularly, as they had already demonstrated on social networks. And that remembers, for some, the last season of the show, won last February by Pierre Garnier and whose students stood out for their kindness. An observation quite shared by Emma Daumas, for whom all this brought back some memories.

The similarity that I see between Star Ac 2 and the Star Ac that there was this year, is that we were actually the second, the first had cleaned the plaster a little, it was a new concept, we didn’t know it. I also think that they cleaned the plaster a little last year and that there, that kind of flame… It’s a bit what happened to us at the time too. And then there was a good group and I think we also had a good group, with great personalities. I still see that many of them have the possibility of having a career, so there are quite a few bridges to build.“, She explained.

And it seems that some former students have also followed the program: “Obviously we always talked a little about it among ourselves, ‘Did you see it, did you see the prime, etc…’. Afterwards, our relationship doesn’t revolve around Star Ac, so we move on quickly but still“, he confided.

A winning return

It must be said that she had the opportunity to meet them: for the bonus, on December 23, she was invited to come and sing on the set like other alumni from several seasons (Mario Barravechia, finalist of season 1, Houcine and Aurélie Konaté, also from season 2, Michal, finalist of the third edition and Lucie Bernardoni and Karima Charni, from season 4). An experience shared with the young Axel and Lénie, which she really liked.

I loved returning to the Star Ac set this year. The offer they made me was really very beautiful, to sing Serge Lama’s songs in his presence with the students and serve as a bit of a transmitter between him and the students. It was at the same time a moment of great sweetness and at the same time of great strength.” she recalled, delighted that the audience had not forgotten her song, sung at the best moment. “It’s a very nice gift that Star Ac gave me this year! (…) And see, see that the audience did not forget this song, they knew the lyrics by heart and it was the fire on the set! delighted (laughs)“, she said.

What happens next might surprise you!

Even if that means considering, one day, a return to the castle like Lucie Bernardoni did, who became a coach last year. Is not safe ! “I didn’t see myself as a teacher at all, nor as a coach like Lucie can be since the beginning of last year. But for my part I have also developed a coaching activity, since I accompany young artists in writing workshops. If one day Star Ac starts creating original, unreleased songs from composition students, why not organize workshops for them? With great pleasure!“she said, she now wants”launch new challenges“.

It’s true that with the songs I had a very, very long period of writing, I wrote a lot of songs, I wrote for a movie last year, I wrote a novel, so it’s true that the whole narrative and dramaturgical aspect speaks to me. a lot. I would like to delve into other ways of telling stories, why not the script, the series, it is something that interests me a lot. And I have also never had the experience of acting, of acting, but it is also something that could attract me if I can free up time to work on it because I find it immensely exciting and interesting to put it at the service of a character.“concluded Emma Daumas, who could thus join Sofia Essaidi in the club of academics turned actresses. And we are looking forward to her, both on stage and in front of the camera!

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The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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