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LAPD actor Nathan Fillion is on cloud nine! The 53-year-old actor, star of The noobYou just found out great news about the series in which you play the lead role.

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It’s been six years since Nathan Fillion lent his features to John Nolan, the Los Angeles police officer in the series. The noob. On April 15, 2024, the 53-year-old actor who became best known thanks to the series. Castle can boast of its incredible performance in fiction, but also of the excellent audiences achieved by the American show. In fact, season 6 of The noob, currently broadcast on ABC in the United States, continues to attract viewers: the first episode generated 11.92 million views on all platforms, in just 35 days of broadcast. About what They motivate ABC to order a seventh season of the series Even before the conclusion of the sixth round of episodes!

The noob : the series dressed by Nathan Fillion renewed for a season 7

As revealed Deadline, The noob Therefore, it will return for a season 7! At the moment, we do not know the launch date of this new salvo in France. Let us remember that season 5 did not have the expected success when it aired last March on M6. Due to the lack of sufficient audience, the French network even had to accelerate the broadcast of episodes to quickly allocate time slots to more profitable programs. It remains to be seen if M6 will continue to broadcast the series with season 6 and then season 7, which should not be available before 2026 in France.

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Nathan Fillion’s intense physical and mental preparation to play John Nolan

Don’t become a policeman who wants! Nathan Fillion understood that to be credible in the shoes of John Nolan, he had to have the build, but also the attitude of a police officer. In addition to having undergone important physical training with a sports trainer, he also learned from professionals in the field. They taught him how to handle a gun, handcuff, conduct a search or even arrest a suspect. The actor understood that this job was much more difficult than he could have imagined: “It’s a lot of fun to put on the uniform, but keeping it on is something else. Wearing these black suits all day in Los Angeles, where it can be very hot, is something I hadn’t thought about! (laughs).”

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