“Everything begins here” before January 11, Marc betrayed by Thibault and Livio falls under Carla’s spell (Summary of the preview episode 838+ Video)

“Everything begins here” we advance with the detailed and complete summary of episode 838 of Thursday, January 11, 2024 – In this new episode of ITC broadcast on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1,
IThe truth comes to light and Carla draws attention.

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ITC spoilers are also available until January 26, 2024. Good reading.

“It all starts here” Summary prior to the episode of January 11, 2024

Bérénice does not control her stress

Bérénice is preparing the double A when Anaïs informs her that she is on duty in the kitchen this afternoon. The young woman confesses to Carla that she is stressed because she has never been in Anaïs’ brigade. She is sure that the young chef is a falsely nice girl. In the kitchen, Bérénice makes one mistake after another. At the end of the service, Anaïs takes stock with Ethan, who today was her second in command. She highlights that the service was not fluid and that the dishes were not up to standard. Ethan ends up confessing that Bérénice was a little slow and that she made some mistakes.

Livio under Carla’s spell

In the swamp roommate’s room, Carla is still acting out. She arrives in the kitchen in minishorts and makes Livio and Gaétan hesitate, which does not escape Salomé.

At the Institute, Carla has difficulties over dessert and asks Livio for help. But she doesn’t have time, because she has an appointment with a restaurateur who has agreed to help him with her master’s project. Carla makes him believe that she will get a bad grade. Livio relents and decides to postpone their meeting. But the restaurateur had spent his precious time meeting with him and decided to call it all off. Later, Livio confides in Salomé that he likes Carla. He finds the young woman beautiful, spicy, sexy, intelligent. So he couldn’t resist when she asked him for help.

Gaétan, her roommate in the marshes, offers to help Carla gently return to sports. Jealous, Salomé suggests that Carla take out a subscription to a gym. Carla quickly understands that Salomé is afraid of stealing from Gaétan. Salomé responds that this is not her boyfriend’s style.

Marc Leroy betrayed by his son

In the classroom, the students of the extreme cooking module comment on the message left by Marc in the Institute’s WhatsApp group. Some people are afraid of cooking fish that contains a deadly poison. Jim tells the students that his father did not send this message.

Antoine calls Marc. Chef Leroy recognizes that the photo posted in the WhatsApp group is indeed a photo from his notebook and is justified. He writes ideas on paper, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will carry them out. But after everything he’s done in the last few days, Antoine finds it hard to believe. Marc assures him that he would never have asked the students to cook a potentially deadly fish and he also wants to know who sent this message. Antoine orders him to deny it to reassure the students. The deputy director ends up wondering if it had not been Joachim who had sent this message with the aim of harming Marc. Clotilde does not see her former colleague sending a message in Marc’s place. Antoine emphasizes that Joachim does not have him in his heart. But Clotilde remains firm in her position and insists that she cannot be her former partner. Only at this point she doesn’t see how to find the person responsible.

The module students suspect that Jasmine sent this message because she criticized Marc’s methods from the beginning. Jim comes to her defense. Jasmine thanks him. She tells him that she is considering leaving the module. However, she liked the idea of ​​being able to improve herself. Jim admits to Jasmine that he preferred her to continue.

Clotilde goes to see Joachim and shares Antoine’s doubts with him. She adds that she told him that she couldn’t be him and then she asks Joachim if she is wrong. Joachim feels that he doesn’t have to reassure her, especially since they are no longer together. And then, he can’t believe she would ask him such a thing. Clotilde believes that she has every reason to be angry with Marc. Joachim regrets that she is defending Leroy. He then encourages her ex-partner to open her eyes. She thinks that Leroy has been manipulating her since she arrived at the Institute.

At the CDI, Marc’s phone fails. Jim takes his cell phone and unlocks it to start an update. Marc didn’t know that his son knew his code. He then asks Jim if he was the one who sent the photo of the notebook from his phone. Jim sends him packing. The tension increases. Thibault intervenes and ends up admitting that he was the one who sent the message to cancel the module. His father was taking too many risks with this module. He was afraid of ending up in trouble and he didn’t know what else to do.

Excerpt from the ITC video of January 11, 2024


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