Ethan Coen’s “Drive-Away Dolls,” female road movie or boomer movie?

"Dolls to wear" d'Ethan Coen
Ethan Coen’s “Dolls to Go”

Ethan Coen’s “Dolls to Go”

in theaters April 3, 2024

Jamie, a free-spirited young woman who suffers a new breakup, and Marian, her modest and reserved friend who suffers from general frustration, are looking for a breath of fresh air.
They embark on a road trip to Tallahassee, but their trip quickly becomes complicated when they cross paths with a gang of thugs.

Critics’ opinion:

  • Murielle Joudet I wondered what the intention of this movie was.
    We are caught between two chairs, that is, between a completely stuffed road movie from the 90s and a hypocritical desire to please a feminist audience and show them our credentials.“.
    According to Murielle Joudet, the Coen brothers’ cinema is closely linked to the fear of the feminine, “but here we witness a form of disavowal of what is the basis of his filmography, since Ethan Coen pretends to know women, while representing them as men.“.
  • Antonio Guillot I experienced little pleasure watching this film, although it places pleasure at the center of its plot: “We witness a great succession of lesbian sex scenes and we cannot escape the cunnilingus that turned into cream pie at the cinema“.
    According to him, the whole paradox lies in the fact that this film “wants to be in the era: it is a queer and politically correct version of Thelma and Luisa. But the result is completely outdated.“.
    In sum, “Despite the large number of dildos, the film is very flat.“, and Antoine Guillot regrets having seen Ethan Coen himself do Coen wrong.

"Agra" by Kanu Behl
“Agra” by Kanu Behl

“Agra, an Indian family” by Kanu Behl

in theaters April 3, 2024

Guru is in his twenties and works in a call center in Agra. He is madly in love with one of his classmates, Mala. Guru still lives with his parents: he lives downstairs with his mother, his father, upstairs with his mistress. When Guru announces that he wants to marry Mala and make her terrace her future bedroom, promised by her mother to her cousin to turn into a dental clinic, everything changes.

Critics’ opinion:

  • With this movie, Murielle Joudet I was delighted to see the big return to the cinema of “Sex as an important dimension in the lives of the characters and as a narrative tool.“.
    The phrase is sometimes a bit bold, but at least Kanu Behl is a filmmaker who makes no apologies for filming what he films.“.
    According to her, it is a very faithful portrait of a completely repressed man: “Even when the character masturbates while chatting, it is not just a provocation, we understand that it is a kind of existential discomfort.“.
  • Antonio Guillot I found it fascinating the way this movie depicts the war for space: “asks very specific questions about our homes, about the way our views are blocked by walls, by doors“.
    He observes that we sometimes find elements of Italian comedy in the exchange of insults within the family and praises the precision of the main character, who is immediately presented as odious, but who says something about the reality of Indian society.

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