Ernst August Jr and Christian from Hanover: their new happiness as parents

Next spring should be auspicious for the two children of Ernst August and his first wife, Chantal Hochuli. Two new little princes (or princesses) will add their names to the next edition of the Gotha Almanac! Enough to forget the antics of “Prince Baston”…

Pink notebook with the princes of Hannover! Princes Ernst August Jr. and Christian will be parents the same year, a double happiness for the House of Hanover. Crown Prince Ernst-August Jr, who turned 40 on July 19, 2023, will welcome his fourth child with his wife, Princess Ekaterina, a former Russian fashion designer. Married in July 2017, the couple already has three children: Elisabeth, born on February 22, 2018, Welf on March 14, 2019, and Eleonora on July 26, 2021.

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Ernst August Jr, whose relationship with his father (Ernt August, the current head of the house) is stormy, is an investment banker. He worked for an open-ended fund of the Islamic Investment Bank in Bahrain and then for a London institution specialized in financing mining and technology companies in emerging countries.

Princess Catherine of Hanover and her husband, Crown Prince Ernst August Jr. of Hanover, at the wedding of Ludwig of Bavaria to Sophie-Alexandra Evekink in Munich, May 20, 2023. © Dana Press / Bestimage

The couple has lived in Gmunden, Austria for a year and a half. Ernst August Jr manages the joint family assets within the framework of the Duke of Cumberland Foundation, which he presides over, based in Liechtenstein. In a few weeks, Princess Catherine will give birth to a fourth child, while her sister-in-law Alessandra – known as Sassa – de Olma, will give birth to her third child in early March. With her husband, Prince Christian, she already has twins, Nicolás and Sofia, born on July 7, 2020.

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It was on November 24, 2017, in London, that Sassa married Christian, the younger brother of Ernst August Jr. A religious celebration took place in Lima, on March 16, 2018. Since then, the princess, originally Peruvian and lawyer by training. , dedicated himself to creating bags.

Alessandra de Osma and Christian de Hanover in November 2018
Prince Christian of Hanover and his wife, Princess Alessandra. © GTRES / BEST IMAGE

Christian and his family today live in a luxurious house in the Madrid neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, not far from the very aristocratic polo club of the same name. Sassa stated in an interview with Hello! who spends much more time at home than before in order to enjoy every second of his children: “My life now revolves around them. Above all, I have learned a lot about unconditional love.” The arrival of a third should keep him even busier…

The Hanoverians have their roots in the Carolingian era.

We sometimes forget that the Hanoverians, a surviving branch of the Guelf (or Welf) lineage, have their roots in Carolingian times. His eponymous ancestor is the Bavarian count Welf I, father-in-law of Emperor Louis the Pious. For having sided with the Pope, his descendants will be stripped of their fiefdoms in Saxony and Bavaria. They will only have the dukedoms of Brunswick left, often divided between the different branches of the same family. In 1692, Ernst-August of Brunswick-Lüneburg was elevated by Emperor Leopold I to the dignity of elector, under the name of Hanover.

This Ernst-August had also married Princess Sophia of Bohemia, granddaughter of James I Stuart. Furthermore, on August 1, 1714, his eldest son, George, became king of Great Britain and Ireland, under the Act of Settlement of 1701. At the Congress of Vienna, Hanover was transformed into a kingdom. And when, on June 20, 1837, Victoria sat on the British throne, Salic law appointed her uncle, Ernst-August, Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale, to wear the crown of Hanover.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover and his youngest son, Prince Christian, have lunch together on October 27, 2021 in Madrid.
Prince Ernst August of Hanover and his youngest son, Prince Christian, have lunch together on October 27, 2021 in Madrid. © José Oliva/Europa Press via Getty Images

After the war of 1866, Hanover, Austria’s unfortunate ally, was outright annexed by the victorious Prussia. In 1884, following the extinction of the oldest branch of the Wölfenbüttel, Prince Ernst-August II, son of George V of Hanover, the dispossessed sovereign, inherited the duchy of Brunswick. In 1913, his own son married Victoria-Louise, daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II. As a “wedding gift”, the emperor authorized his son-in-law to effectively reign over Brunswick, without resurrecting the kingdom of Hanover.

According to a long-standing family tradition, his grandson, the current head of the family, also bears the name Ernst August. No one ignores the rather chaotic journey of the man whom the foreign press once called the spanking prince – ‘”Prince Baston”, separated for 14 years from his second wife, Carolina of Hanover. From his first union with Chantal Hochuli, the turbulent character had two sons, Hereditary Prince Ernst-August Jr and Prince Christian, who are currently working to perpetuate the dynasty.

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