Dune 3, Rama… what will be Denis Villeneuve’s next film? The director sows doubts

After the two parts of Dunethe director Denis Villeneuve He is still keeping the identity of his next film a secret.

In 2017, Denis Villeneuve believed that the failure of Blade Runner 2049 It was going to end his career. It must be said that the director does have a radical vision and interfered in Hollywood by imposing an atypical and controversial identity. So much so that we wonder (or not) if Denis Villeneuve is not overrated. The accident Blade Runner 2049 (in any case) almost interrupted his time in Hollywood.

Except in 2021, Dune everything changed for the Canadian. Despite an international box office of 402 million (honorable, but hardly satisfactory), the first part of one of Hollywood’s most damned projects convinced audiences and critics. And it was a victory for Denis Villeneuve, Never having been so free and decisive in Hollywood. than on the planet Arrakis. De facto, the year 2024 is not only the return of the hero Paul Atreides in Dune: Part Two, but also that of the difficult dilemma for the filmmaker and the rest of his career.

Cleopatra’s Egyptian desert or Arrakis?

Denis Villeneuve remains a mystery about his next film, but He clearly clarified the projects he was working on. Besides Dune 3 that should work well, the filmmaker mentioned another science fiction novel considered unadaptable: Meeting with Rama. And although it is not entirely certain, we imagine that it is in this scenario where the brilliant Eric Roth (Flower Moon Killers, Dune) has been stuck for months. However, there are also cleopatra with (maybe) Zendaya in the role of sovereign. At the microphone of the Korean media. Cine21Therefore, Denis Villeneuve cast a little more doubt on the rest of his career:

“I’m working on four different scripts. I know Dune: Messiah will be one of them, I don’t know if it will be the next one or the second (…) My job has been to try to keep the spirit of Frank Herbert as alive as possible: the Dune’s full meaning becomes clear with Dune Messiah.”

choice of carnelian

By working in four different scenarios, Denis Villeneuve seems to have reached the highest point of his career. He himself described the fact of continuing to lead Hollywood blockbusters after the disaster as a miracle. Blade Runner 2049 (on the podcast Happy Sad Confused in 2021), the director is still waiting. As much as The Canadian will also film a miniseries with Jake Gyllenhaal for HBO.a more confidential format that could allow you to breathe while waiting to make your decision.

In any case, Dune: Part Two expected on February 28, 2024 in France and March 1 in the United States, or very soon. A sequel that Denis Villeneuve considers far superior to the first part, which inevitably makes us eager to discover it.

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