Do you dare to see this horror movie, which will soon be discontinued?

In just a few days, this horror film will no longer be available on the Netflix streaming platform. There isn’t much time left to discover it, but do you dare to launch it?

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At the end of the week, more precisely on Sunday, April 21, the horror movie black phone will be removed from the Netflix catalog. So there are only a few days left to (re)discover the story of Finney Shaw. This thirteen-year-old teenager is kidnapped by a murderer who locks him in a completely soundproof basement. It is impossible for the young man to shout for help, but in this room there is a telephone hanging on the wall that begins to ring. At the end of the line, the voice of his captor’s previous victims. Everyone hopes that Finney doesn’t suffer the same fate…

black phone : An adaptation of the book by Joe Hill.

black phone It is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Joe Hill, who is none other than Stephen King’s son. Scott Derrickson, the film’s director, recalled the day he discovered this work. “I had read his story more than sixteen years ago while reading his book in a bookstore. I didn’t know he was Stephen King’s son and I immediately thought he could make a tremendous movie.”He explained before adding: “I wanted to return to my passion for horror films and Black Phone was a perfect opportunity.”

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The director of Black Phone lived in an ultra morbid atmosphere”

Adapter black phone in cinema was also a kind of remedy for the filmmaker who was in therapy due to bad experiences in his youth. With this film he wanted to transpose the climate of fear and violence that he experienced many years before. First, the director revealed: “I lived in Denver in the late 70s, in a difficult neighborhood with maximum insecurity, violence and abuse of all kinds. I was also the youngest boy among all these young people adrift.” Then he clarified:I really lived in an ultra morbid atmosphere.not to mention the abuse of violence against many young people by their parents. It was truly a dark time in my life. The fear was in me and in my family.” So hurry up to see black phone before leaving Netflix. If you’re looking for a horror movie to watch, the platform has a well-stocked selection!

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