Disney+: movies, series and premieres that you cannot miss in January 2024

news culture Disney+: movies, series and premieres that you cannot miss in January 2024

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For once, the Disney+ catalog dares to attack the year 2024 with a series without concessions. Reserved for profiles over 16 years old, all episodes of Marvel Studios’ Echo will be released simultaneously on Wednesday, January 10. But this is not the only exclusive news that we will discover on the streaming platform at the beginning of the year.


Don’t count on the intriguing trailer revealed above to reveal the ins and outs of the scenario.Echo. This new Marvel series presents the origins of the character of Maya López, whose name will undoubtedly mean something to MCU specialists since we will be able to see her notably in the series. Hawk Eye. This young woman is a Native American superhero who first appears in a comic book series Daredevil where he appears as a secondary character. Gifted with a strong spirit of justice, Echo makes up for the disadvantage of her deafness with unwavering determination and exceptional mastery of martial arts. The 5 episodes streaming starting January 10 on Disney+ should focus on Maya’s origin story as she is pursued by the criminal empire of Wilson Fisk, aka “The Kingpin.”. The first returns seem to bode well for this new Marvel series that is aimed at a more adult audience, in line with a Reckless.

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  • Available January 10 sur Disney+

Zorro: Prince of Thieves

Another series to watch exclusively on Disney+ in January, Zorro: Prince of Thieves will show the tip of its snout on January 17. This story is presented as an irreverent sequel to the timeless. Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens. In the 1850s in Australia, The nicknamed “the prince of thieves” leads a double life in the Port Victory colony, going from a skilled surgeon to an inveterate pickpocket.. Real name Jack Dawkins, Fox reluctantly plunges back into the spiral of crime without suspecting that the governor’s daughter, Lady Belle, runs the risk of seriously compromising her plans. In the cast of this series of Australian origin we find the actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster, already seen in the series Gun either The queen’s gameas well as in the cinematography cycle The labyrinth.

  • Available January 17 sur Disney+

Cristobal Balenciaga

On January 19, screenwriter Lourdes Iglesias intends to explore in her own way the life and work of the great Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga. The man who was admired by everyone to the point of being nicknamed “the master” left his mark on the history of haute couture during the 1950s and 1960s. But This original series focuses mainly on the way Cristóbal Balenciaga transformed Paris in 1937 thanks to his genius. Today he is considered one of the most iconic fashion designers of all time and has not hesitated to challenge established conventions to express his own talent. It is the actor Alberto San Juan who plays the enigmatic Cristóbal Balenciaga in this new series with a prestigious cast.

Disney+: movies, series and premieres that you cannot miss in January 2024
  • Available January 19 sur Disney+


Disney+: movies, series and premieres that you cannot miss in January 2024

From a Japanese light novel saga, the animated series Ishura has a surprise launch on January 3 in the European Disney+ catalog. An apocalyptic battle looms on the horizon between demigods who claim the title of “true heroes.”. It must be said that the world knows absolutely nothing about the identity of the man who once defeated the Demon King. The contenders, therefore, are numerous and are determined to demonstrate that they are capable of surpassing their rivals in epic battles in which each one prepares to display extraordinary talents. Beneath its mythological exterior, the series Ishura should offer an impressive spectacle to fans of intense and surreal duels.

  • Available January 3 sur Disney+

1001 real legs

Disney+: movies, series and premieres that you cannot miss in January 2024Disney+: movies, series and premieres that you cannot miss in January 2024

On January 24, American rapper Awkwafina takes us in the footsteps of the weed people. Forget the fantasy of the movie. 1001 legs and immerse yourself in the reality of the documentary titled 1001 real legs to learn everything about the mysteries of the world of insects… and spiders. This series aims to demonstrate that These creatures are true miniature superheroes who owe their survival to their exceptional gifts.. The different episodes will take us to see metallic bees and other unusual specimens using ultra-modern production techniques. The documentary 1001 real legs claims to trust the latest scientific advances to immerse us in the heart of the infinitely small.

  • Available January 24 sur Disney+

Other programs to follow

  • FBI Class of 2009 – January 3 Disney+
  • Betrayal: The perfect husband – January 3 Disney+
  • Black sinduality – Part 2 – January 8 Disney+
  • FX’s American Horror Stories – Season 3 – Part 1 – January 10 Disney+
  • Tormented by her demons: the Christina Boyer affair – January 10 Disney+
  • Dolapo is fine – January 12 Disney+
  • the jewel thief – January 17 Disney+
  • A shop for murderers – January 17 Disney+
  • American Dad – season 19 – part 2 – January 24 Disney+
  • Forever in our hearts – January 24 Disney+
  • 9-1-1 – season 6 – January 31 in Disney+
  • The Coral – January 31 in Disney+
  • Ready for school! – seasons 1 to 3 – January 31 in Disney+

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