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In 2008, Robert Downey Jr opened the doors to a growing film franchise: the MCU. In front of Jon Favreau’s camera, the actor plays the famous Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. An iconic comic book character, he was still relatively little known to the general public when Marvel Studio decided to investigate his case. After renting its most iconic protagonists to Fox, the team decided to go it alone under the leadership of Kevin Feige. Iron Man must lay the groundwork for a larger plot.

Actually, I’m not supposed to say that.

It will tell the story of the capture of billionaire and weapons manufacturer Tony Stark. Locked in a cave in Afghanistan, his captors tell him to build a formidable bomb. He secretly develops a revolutionary armor: a suit of armor. It is his ticket out, his way to find freedom. Returning to the United States, Tony Stark decides to resume and improve his vision to help those in need and repair the mistakes of the past, protecting the innocents who perish under the fire of Stark Industries’ projectiles. He is born Iron Man, but his identity remains a mystery.

However, although the scenario did not foresee it, Robert Downey Jr. improvise the answer to journalists’ questions, the phrase that will become legendary. In front of the crowd, the character admits his double identity and disrupts the codes of superheroic narration. “Truly, I am Iron Man.” is maintained during assembly, in Kevin Feige’s decision.

The phrase that changes the game

Before the MCU officially entered the race for the greenbacks, being a superhero was mostly a case of double identity. At both Fox and Warner, the vigilantes advanced in the dark and masked to be able to enjoy a life tinged with reality thanks to their alter egos. Batman / Bruce Wayne, Superman / Clark Kent or even Spider-Man / Peter Parker, the discovery by the antagonists or the general public of their true identities was a key issue for many films of the genre. By separating ourselves from this diagram, Iron Man The recipe for superhero productions has changed a little.

From now on it is no longer about carrying a heavy secret, but rather about navigating between fame and private life, making yourself more vulnerable to attacks. This will also be the objective ofiron Man 3, in which Tony Stark faces an old enemy and loses everything in the process. Killian Aldrich does not attack the superhero, but the billionaire who years before rejected the idea of ​​him, who despised him.

This idea from Robert Downey Jr. will also have many consequences, it will inspire the MCU with its guiding principle: few or no secrets for the characters. Although everyone operates under a code name, the characters in the stable often advance with their faces uncovered. In the case of Thor, the alter ego Donald Blake is simply forgotten to concentrate on the mythological aspect. Kevin Feige also explained on this topic:

“This success inspired us to go further and trust ourselves to find the balance between staying true to the comics and not being afraid to adapt, to change things. “Tony Stark doesn’t read the card (given by editor Phil Coulson’s note) and say ‘I am Iron Man,’ it’s totally in line with his character.”

To see or look again Iron Man, will happen this afternoon on W9. As usual, Channel 9 meets with spectators from 9:05 p.m. We advise you to stay until the end…

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