Did the actresses really parachute in?

At the beginning of this new episode of Simon Colemanwith Jean-Michel Tinivelli, The angel’s Jump, broadcast on Friday, March 15 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2, an impressive free fall scene. Have the actresses been dubbed? The answer is surprising!

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On Friday, March 15, France 2 offers a new episode of Simon Coleman, The angel’s Jumpwith Jean-Michel Tinivelli (podcast guest shadows and lights) in the lead role and Flavie Péan as Chloé Becker, his teammate. The two investigators will discover the world of skydiving, where an accident results in a murder after the first discoveries.

Simon Coleman – World free fall champions to outdo the actresses!

From the first images, the takeoff is immediate following Laurent Gamelon (Tomorrow belongs to us), alias Vincent, at the controls of a device that transports three young free fall champions. Once freed from the cabin, they perform their figures at more than 4,000 meters above sea level, before one of them, unable to deploy his sail, crashes before the eyes of his companions. To stage these impressive sequences, director Nicolas Copin called on champion Cathy Bouette, the most successful skydiver in the world. Contacted by us, she explains to us what happens behind the feat and, in particular, the other two young women with whom she jumped into the void: “I was with my sister, Virginie Bouette, with whom we won a French Cup, the French championship in 2012 and obtained a third place in the world championship. And there was also our friend Aude Demeny.”

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Simon Coleman : a double already seen in a Shakira clip!

Three jumps were necessary, including one.”“only with the cameraman and me, to ensure good shots when the parachute failed during opening”specifies the Freefly champion before adding: “The most difficult thing is to be coherent and realistic for the audience, but also to be well coordinated with the actresses.”. An analysis that Cathy Bouette knew how to draw from her previous experiences, since she has already been asked for advertising films (Budweiser Light, Nintendo DS3, La Poste, etc.) as well as playing Shakira’s double in one of the video clips of she (I fell in love, Editor’s Note). Nothing is too good for Simon Coleman!

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