Denis Brogniart’s shot at Alicia causes general hilarity (SPOILERS)

Denis Brogniart was unanimous with this auction in “Koh Lanta” on February 20, 2024.

SCREENSHOT / TWITTER @DENISBROGNIART Denis Brogniart was unanimous with this auction in “Koh Lanta” on February 20, 2024.

TELEVISION – One “master class”. During the broadcast of the second episode of the new season of Ko Lanta on TF1 this Tuesday, February 20, a new finish from the presenter Denis Brogniart It was unanimous and caused general hilarity among the spectators.

Like Jean in “Koh-Lanta,” can you really get a sunburn in your eyes?

This week it was Alicia, a 23-year-old entrepreneur whose strong character quickly annoyed Internet users, who was eliminated by her team. In off-screen, at the end of the show, Denis Brogniart, accustomed to shocking phrases, declares: “ The pool saleswoman drank the glass. » The candidate was a swimming pool salesperson.

“There is no need to be so funny. Denis kills me every time”, “we all laugh at Denis’s phrase, the best moment of tonight’s show”, “Denis doesn’t laugh, it’s a severe shock”, “I’m dead Denis didn’t dare”, “what master class Denis”… There are dozens of comments on X (formerly Twitter).

Alicia quickly stood out. Bigmouth, she said from the first episode that she had problems with human relationships. She did not hesitate to sometimes respond very harshly to her colleagues. Julie paid the price this Tuesday, receiving a: “ Be quiet ! » when he wanted to interfere in the conversation that was taking place next to him.

” Strong character “

An attitude that surprised the spectators. For them it was no longer a question of ” strong character ” as the young woman from Ain defends, but purely and simply out of meanness. In an interview with Tele-Leisure post-elimination, Alicia assumes: “I’m like that. I’m not going to act like a hypocrite and a fake. I’m in Ko Lanta how I am in life. I wanted to recognize myself and there, I recognize myself in the image 2000%! »

Her behavior has been widely commented on but she says she doesn’t care. “Apart from Instagram, I don’t have any social networks. And I don’t look at the reviews. In any case, I would rather be criticized for what I am than loved for what I am not. The criticisms are not enough for me she declares.

The candidates hated Ko Lanta, particularly for their directness or their strategies, there have already been. However, this does not in any way justify the hate on social media, harassment and death threats, of which some have been victims in the past, such as Coumba after Koh-Lanta: the legend either Clementinecandidate for the 17th season of the game.

Alicia also revealed in an interview with 20 minutes be affected by cystic fibrosissomething that he had not told his companions and that the spectators did not know until that moment.

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