Denis Brogniart reacts to piston rumors about Sarah

Denis Brogniart welcomed Sarah, the last eliminated from Koh-Lanta, the immunity hunters, during an Instagram live this Wednesday, March 20. The latter wanted to clarify the issue of a rumor that suggests that the driver had encouraged her.

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The rope tightens Koh-Lanta, the immunity hunters. Reunification is dangerously close for the adventurers still on the run. If the yellows had a burst of pride in the previous episode, unfortunately they have returned to defeat and their tribe is becoming dangerously depopulated. They finally nominated Sarah, the accountant, for elimination after very close consultation. The latter could not hide her disappointment at the reasons that led her playmates to exclude her from her. Netizens would have preferred Amri to leave the game after her poor performance at the events. He also spoke about this topic the day after the episode aired.

“Do you realize what you’re talking about?” Sara says indignantly. (Koh-Lanta, The Immunity Hunters)

Like every week, Denis Brogniart organized a live interview with the candidate who emerges from the episode. Therefore, he welcomed Sarah, who wanted to return to a small controversy at the end of her exchange. Before the start of the program, the young woman had shared on her Instagram account a photograph in which she was taking a break with Denis Brogniart, whom she had met by chance on the eve of a trail. Some then argued that the young woman could have been taken advantage of by the host. “I remember this meeting that made people talk in vain, because she is truly a fan of Ko Lanta who knows Denis Brogniart. But for me it was crazy to find you on the eve of my departure. That was crazy. They all talked to me about it again. Did Denis ruin it? Do you realize what you’re saying? Do you really think that when you pass someone on the street they say: ‘Okay, we’ll take you’“, she got upset.

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Denis Brogniart supports Sarah in her statements

The driver fully supported the young woman in her statements. I’ll tell you even more that I didn’t remember it at all.”He noticed. “First, because I am not a physiognomist at all and second, because I know a lot of people and the number of people who tell me: ‘J’adore Koh-Lanta’ and that I find, inevitably there are some who sign up for the casting”, he added. “I am not in casting at all. I was for a while, but now, given the density of my activities, I am no longer in casting in any way. “I discovered the name Sarah in front of me like everyone else on the first day of the adventure.”, he added, brushing aside any hint of a piston.

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