Degrading comments against referee: parents forced to apologize

Parents who made degrading comments towards a hockey referee in Boisbriand last Saturday had to submit a letter of apology. They will also be summoned to a disciplinary commission.

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At the beginning of the week we released a shameful and disturbing video captured last Saturday at the Boisbriand stadium. The parents and coach of the Mirabel pee-wee A team made violent gestures and embarrassing comments towards a referee.

TVA Nouvelles learned that the parents had to write a letter of apology to the referee. It was the president of the Mirabel Minor Hockey Association (AHMM), Éric Desjardins, who demanded it. He reacted for the first time today.

“This is unacceptable. These are gestures that we do not want to see in the association. We do not want this to happen again,” confesses Éric Desjardins.

The AHMM president also confirmed that parents who opened cafes and made degrading comments will soon be summoned to an independent disciplinary committee. Since the parents have no history of violence, they may have simple warnings.

The parents explained to the president that her behavior was due to the referee’s bias during the match and that she had initiated the insults. They would have agreed that this did not justify her behavior.

Éric Desjardins stated that the team’s parents were victims of death threats through social networks. “There are people who want to look for them to do things to them,” says the president of the AHMM. Some have also lost employment contracts since they were recognized.

The team’s players, ages 11 and 12, also suffer the consequences of their parents’ actions. Some have experienced bullying this week. They currently have psychological support offered by the AHMM.

“They are very sorry for their actions. I spoke to almost all the people (parents) and they are not proud of what they did,” says Éric Desjardins.

It was the last game of the season for this team. It is an ending that leaves a bitter taste for these players who only wanted to play hockey. Éric Desjardins wants to take advantage of this case to raise awareness among parents starting next season.

“It’s definitely a fight and we have to talk about it every day. I walk by stadiums every day and we see all kinds of them. You have to go talk to these people and, at a certain point, you talk about it and I think that’s how we’re going to overcome it,” explains Éric Desjardins.

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