David Savard transaction: a dinner that changed everything

The Quebec clique of the Montreal Canadiens recently gathered around a table in New York for a memorable evening, thanks to the initiative of David Savard.

In a gesture that goes far beyond the limits of the locker room, Savard invited Rafaël-Harvey Pinard, Joshua Roy and Samuel Montembeault to share a delicious meal among their fellow Quebecers, thus strengthening the ties of friendship within the team.

“Savard picked up the bill, he said that he was the one who paid, that I was not going to pay anything during the trip” Roy said with a smile on his face. (credit: La Presse)

“I feel more at ease, I feel more like someone on the team, not like a substitute. We’re traveling, we’ve been eating, Quebecers together. I feel more like part of the band.”

This magical evening, where the 4 friends were able to enjoy a tasty steak, highlighted the undeniable leadership of David Savard.

“We were sleeping near New York, so we brought him to the city, to the other side” said Samuel Montembeault. We had a very good dinner. She’s a little embarrassed, she doesn’t know everyone. But yesterday we had a lot of fun, the four Quebecers together, and we had a wonderful evening. »

Acting as “social and patriotic glue”, he demonstrated how far he excelled in the art of creating a strong team spirit and a sense of belonging within the Quebec Canadian community.

Beyond the performances on the ice, which is completing an entire season at the sporting level, Savard was able to demonstrate his commitment to the cohesion of the team, the fact of guiding the young people, reassuring them and his desire to build strong relationships with his teammates. Quebec team.

This exemplary behavior should be a key factor in the Canadian organization’s decision about potential transactions on the table involving Savard.

In light of the March 8 trade deadline, it’s important for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton to keep in mind the importance of maintaining a united Quebec core.

Savard’s performance on the ice is exemplary, but his role as an off-ice leader, symbolized by this memorable evening, should influence the decision to protect him from a potential trade, at least until the March 8 deadline.

If transaction discussions were to take place, the Montreal Canadiens front office should consider keeping Savard at least until the next draft.

This would preserve the unity and cohesion of the “Quebec clique”, keep the very embarrassed Joshua Roy “socially comfortable”, and favor the team’s stability in the race to the playoffs.

The evening shared over a good meal among Quebecers highlighted an essential aspect of David Savard’s leadership.

This event should encourage the Canadiens’ management to consider keeping Savard with the team beyond the trade deadline, thus assuring the Habs’ Quebec clique that they won’t be parting ways anytime soon.

The more comfortable Roy feels in the locker room, the better he will perform. Therefore, David Savard, the older brother, is part of the equation.

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