Dancing with the Stars 2024: “Who is it?” A famous presenter appears, many did not recognize her

By Bertrand Bielle | Journalist

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It’s time for a new “Dancing with the Stars” bonus this Friday night. An evening marked by the arrival of the mysterious dancers and a host who briefly replaced Camille Combal.

Dancing with the Stars 2024: “Who is it?”, a famous host enters, many of them did not recognize her

The rest after the announcement.

We rarely get bored during bonuses. Dance with the stars. And in particular this season, already marked by several surprising sequences such as the catastrophic performance of Caroline Margeridon (already eliminated), Cristina Cordula’s moving testimony about her brother or even, more recently, the incredible rise in the ranking of Natasha St. . Dock. The latter has also been in the news for a few days for much less glorious reasons: the tensions that link her to Inès Reg.

The two dancers had a violent altercation during rehearsals. The Canadian singer filed, along with her dance partner Anthony Colette, a lawsuit against the comedian, who allegedly threatened and insulted them. But Natasha St-Pier is not innocent in this story as she described Inès Reg as a “little slut”. Which then prompted production, who had evidence, to take him off the show for 3 days. After which the two rivals spoke in turns about this matter on their social networks, each giving their version.

A famous and unrecognized host

This situation has weakened the atmosphere among the candidates, which until now seemed relatively peaceful. But there was still a bonus to receive this Friday, March 29. An evening marked by the arrival of the mystery dancers, who are supposed to take the stage to join the candidates they are close to and perform with them. As for hosting the program, Camille Combal remains in charge, who alluded to the romance between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier at the beginning of the bonus. But she was replaced by a famous presenter for a few moments.

A staging that many did not understand, since they did not recognize the person who took the microphone instead of Camille Combal after a return from advertising. “Who is it?”, we could read on X, formerly Twitter. It was Isabelle Ithurburu, known for having presented sports programs on Canal+ and then for being in charge of the famous celebrity magazine today. 50 minutes inside. Surprising then…

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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