Damien Thévenot (Télématin): This is THE question he can’t stand being asked anymore!

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Since the start of the 2021 school year, Maya Lauqué and Damien Thévenot have formed a sparkling duo from Friday to Sunday at the helm of “Télématin” on France 2. The journalist gave some details about their tandem during an interview for “Gala”. And he also took the opportunity to reveal what was the question that he can no longer stand to be asked.

Damien Thévenot (Télématin): This is THE question he can’t stand being asked anymore!

The rest after the announcement.

Damien Thevenot is what we call a faithful Telematin. The 51-year-old journalist has spent almost his entire career on this program, as a columnist. He has therefore undergone numerous changes since his arrival in 1998. At that time, he shared the channel with Sophie Davant but also with William Leymergie before continuing later with Laurent Bignolas. Since 2021, it is Damien Thévenot himself who takes the reins of the France 2 program. In fact, together with Maya Lauqué, he presents the morning show from Friday to Sunday. The rest of the week, Thomas Sotto and Marie Portolano take over.

Damien Thévenot, truly essential on the media landscape, is often confused with someone else. In fact, he is sometimes confused with Cyril Féraud, also a 39-year-old presenter for France Télévisions. People think I am Cyril Féraud’s older brother. He’s funny, credit me Bang and we attribute Télématin”, had fun in 2021 by television 2 weeks. But this recurring error can be boring. He asked about “the question you can no longer stand in an interview“, pair GalaDamien Thévenot responded: “The resemblance to Cyril Féraud?“And he added jokingly: “I say this jokingly, because I don’t care, there are no forbidden questions. So no, we are not from the same family, but we are friends.

A DNA test planned?

However, for many years the disturbing resemblance between Damien Thévenot and Cyril Feraud has been discussed. Already in 2015, Maya Lauqué’s accomplice spoke about the issue to leisure television. “Honestly, I don’t think there is any similarity even if it is true that we are both blonde with an ultra bright smile. On the street people tell me:Ah, you look like Cyril Féraud’ and people say to Cyril Féraud: ‘Ah, you look like Damien Thévenot.’ We are friends of Cyril. He keeps saying that I am his older brother. We laugh about that. Our parents don’t know each other, but we thought that maybe we should check, with a DNA test, if we are not really brothers (laughs).“he joked. A question that obviously still worries us today.

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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