Cyril Hanouna’s subtle and discreet entrance to Bertrand Chameroy

The presenter and producer of “Touche pas à mon poste!” on C8 he couldn’t help but make fun of the score recorded at the premiere of his former columnist.

Friday night, Bertrand Chameroy presented for the first time “Bertrand is not sleepy”. A new program that is neither a talk show nor a late show. In fact, the columnist received in “his” adjoining apartment four guests – François Berléand, Isabelle Nanty, Christophe Willem and Manu Payet – to whom he proposed, for seventy minutes, typical games and questions that could be asked or posed during an evening between friends. . “Get ready for a unique nighttime experience. Tonight, no taboos, let’s play together and discover our guests like you’ve never seen them before.”warned in the preamble.

For its premiere in the second part of the evening on France 2, Bertrand Chameroy has nothing to be ashamed of. The presenter managed to attract 813,000 curious viewers from 10:45 p.m. to midnight, that is, a 7.4% audience share among those over four years of age. In comparison, a week before Mathieu Madénian had gathered 539,000 viewers, or 5.3% of PDA, with “Génération paname”, and the week before, the documentary dedicated to “Taratata” had gathered 600,000 people, or 9 .5% of viewers. audience.

However, some did not stop mocking Bertrand Chameroy’s beginnings. So Jean-Marc Morandiniwhich the columnist does not hesitate to address in “C à vous” and even in “Bertrand n’a pas durmió”, he does not hesitate to title his article like this: “Last night on France 2, for its premiere, “Bertrand Chameroy was not sleepy”… but the viewers “were”! “Less than 900,000 people in front of their screen”. And on X (formerly Twitter), Cyril Hanouna I couldn’t help but repost the CNews anchor’s message by subtly adding an emoji of a monkey hiding its eyes, which means “see nothing.”

Since the departure of its columnist “Don’t touch my place!” In 2016, followed by a brief comeback in 2018, the two men feuded through the media. In November 2022, after a column on RTL in which Bertrand Chameroy took sides against Cyril Hanouna in the affair with Louis Boyard, the C8 troublemaker was quick to respond to him live from his talk show. “There is another (who spits in the soup, editor’s note) The one I will talk about tomorrow is Bertrand Chameroy who wrote a column on RTL and said: “Arcom must address the matter quickly. Wake up Arcom, we have to prevent this from happening in “TPMP”»He declared before violently attacking the man who was his columnist for several years: “Bertrand Chameroy, the least brave man in the world, who was here, who was going crazy in the hallways before coming to the program, who screwed us thousands of times. And again, I could tell other things about him but I’ll tell them if he continues. He has calmed down, Bertrand Chameroy, he is very smart but when he sees me he shits. He is a bit like everyone, that is a bit of the problem”.

In June 2023, guest on “What a Time!” On France 2, Bertrand Chameroy participated in the “photocall” game, which consists of asking a question to a character in a photograph. In front of Cyril Hanouna, he asked: “Do you really believe, as you say, that television is just television because sometimes I doubt you?”.

And last September, before the microphone of Europa 1, the presenter of “Touche pas à mon poste!” had estimated: “When we talk to him about the TPMP and Cyril Hanouna, Bertrand Chameroy gives the impression that we have scabies. Although we were the ones who did it. He is a budding entertainer and we hope for him that it works. But when I see him criticizing us…”

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