Cyril Hanouna defends Manu Levy in “Touche pas à mon poste”

Cyril Hanouna in “TPMP”

VIDEO – An investigation by Libération reveals that the host of the NRJ morning show is accused of harassment by several former collaborators. An article that does not pass for the C8 troublemaker.

A new projector movement that NRJ would have done without. After having to separate from Sébastien Cauet, accused of sexual assault, the radio saw another of its hosts incriminated. This time for alleged toxic behavior and harassment.

Work overload, threats, anger attacks, sexism… Release has collected the testimonies of around twenty people who worked alongside Manu Levy, audience champion with his program “Manu dans le 6 – 10”. Four former employees even started a process before a labor court, the newspaper indicates.

Cyril Hanouna attacks Libération

“I saw things, guys, excuse me… It’s “Yes, he was calling us saying that tomorrow you have to behave well, he wrote to us at one in the morning”… It’s ridiculous”protest this Wednesday, April 3, Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste”. “Another article like this is a rag”adds the presenter.

“Once again Libération, they talk about them because they also investigated me. The Libération investigation, if it is meant that Manu Levy once said “the jingle should last 11 seconds and not 12”I can tell you Liberation, you can do research on me. Because I also call my teams on the weekends.” Cyril Hanouna continues before adding: “Manu Levy is the star of the radio. It seems that these journalists are discovering the world”. “You have the right to be demanding”comments Guillaume Genton.

For his part, Manu Levy, whose real name is Emmanuel Levy, flatly denies these accusations: “I am demanding, precise, rigorous, but I have never looked down on anyone. I can doValves” in the studio, but never with the aim of making fun of me”. He is supported by Gaël Sanquer, director of the NRJ antennas, who explains to Libération that in “In thirteen seasons, Manu has never been the subject of the slightest official report.”

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