Cristiana Reali reviews the couple she formed with Francis Huster

Francis Huster and Cristiana Reali began a romantic relationship in 1991 that lasted seventeen years. She had just finished the Cours Florent, where he had been her teacher. Therefore, at first their partner was viewed negatively by other actors and directors.

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For seventeen years, Francis Huster and Cristiana Reali formed a cult couple of French theater. Between 1991 and 2008, the two actors lived a great love story, from which two daughters were born, Élisa and Toscane Rose, in 1998 and 2003. But this love was not always easy to accept, Cristiana Reali recalled at the microphone of Europa 1 . , this Saturday, February 10. In fact, the actress of Italian-Brazilian origin – who still does not have French nationality for a surprising reason – met Francis Huster at Cours Florent, when he was her theater teacher. “But the story began when I was no longer on Cours Florent!” ensures, to avoid any ambiguity. “It seems like I was madly in love before.”Isabelle Morizet, at the head of the show, still dared to say There is not only one life in life..

The relationship between Francis Huster and Cristiana Reali was not seen well by some students at the Cours Florent

“It wasn’t easy because there was probably a problem with being Francis’ girlfriend, that’s for sure. He was my teacher and also he was very popular at that time. He was the bachelor no one could get. And also, he was forming a band, so we played together a lot, highlighted Cristiana Reali, currently the protagonist ofA Streetcar Named Desireat the Bouffes-Parisiens theater. (…) I think it was not seen very well by the students, by the young actors and actresses. She’s still a student who was with a teacher, really! Although we were no longer in class.”

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Cristiana Reali had difficulty establishing herself as an actress in the eyes of other screenwriters due to her relationship with Francis Huster.

Above all, the relationship between Francis Huster and Cristiana Reali was detrimental to the actress. “I realized very, very quickly that people didn’t see me as an actress while I was acting with him. It was like it wasn’t legitimate.”he confided to Isabelle Morizet. “I didn’t see the problem, but it apparently stopped people from approaching me. And I had to be nominated once for Molières – with him, eh! – for people to relax a little. And they started offering me Tennessee Williams and stuff. While at that time he had a company where there were five or six actors with whom he worked systematically and that did not pose any problem.” A sexist vision of the acting profession that outraged the host of the program and the Europe 1 studio.

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