Concern in TVA: Luc Lavoie reveals the truth about the return of the Nordics

Unrest between Luc Lavoie and Pierre-Karl Péladeau.

Lavoie, a TVA employee, dismisses the idea of ​​the Nordics returning.

Quebec’s political and sports landscape is marked by an interesting and above all uncomfortable dilemma involving two influential figures: Luc Lavoie, renowned TVA political analyst, and his boss, Pierre-Karl Péladeau, the media “mogul” who has sworn recover the Nordics in Quebec.

Luc Lavoie, known for his ruthless analysis and strong positions, was categorical in his rejection of the idea of ​​the return of the Nordics.

As a political analyst, he expressed reservations about the economic and political implications of such a project. For him, it is a “unicorn” project, absolutely impossible to carry out.

“Québecor is a company that is doing very well, that is profitable, that offers good benefits to its shareholders, including the Caisse de dépôt and others, but Quebecor is not able to wake up one morning and say: I am going to put 1.1 billion on the table to have a license to pay for a hockey team. “They’re going to close, they’re going to go bankrupt.” says Luc Lavoie on TVA.

“No one will be able to demonstrate that the Quebec community, in the metropolitan sense of the thing, has enough money circulating there to buy hockey boxes for $150,000 or $200,000 a year.”

Pierre-Karl Péladeau, for his part, has made the resurrection of the Nordics one of his priority objectives. As the team’s future owner (if he returns), his commitment to the Nordiques’ return is unequivocal. He promised to mobilize all the necessary resources to make this sporting dream so dear to Quebecers a reality.

“We have a world-class amphitheater and a public that is really passionate about following the Nordics, the economic environment with Minister Éric Girard who traveled to New York, an economy in full swing, the unemployment rate is low.” (credit: TVA Sports)

“And I cannot fail to mention Quebecor, which has significant financial resources, but also has the capacity to promote this event”

“I am willing to have partners: we see it more and more, given the value of franchises in all professional sports.”

“It is true that it is premature to say who could be part of a consortium, despite everything we can have a small idea, but on this point I will remain discreet. But there are also important companies whose headquarters are in Quebec.

“Of course we want to get the Nordics back and we want to participate in this dream. Being a major broadcaster: TVA and its entire organization is the leading broadcaster in Quebec. There are some who try to come find us, but as someone else would say, they better get up early!

This difference of opinion between Luc Lavoie and Pierre-Karl Péladeau generates unease that can be felt from miles away, especially within the TVA Group, where both occupy influential positions.

While Péladeau promises to do everything possible to bring an NHL hockey team to Quebec, Lavoie is skeptical about the feasibility and real benefits of such a venture.

This confrontation raises questions about the tense dynamics at Quebecor and TVA, on the eve of a lockout that will affect several fathers and mothers. Let’s say that talking about the return of the Nordics is frowned upon by many who work at TVA.

While Péladeau pursues his goal with determination, Lavoie continues to analyze the situation with a critical eye, highlighting the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the return of the Nordics to Quebec.

Ultimately, this tension between two influential figures in the Quebec landscape reflects broader debates about the role of sport in society, public investment in sports infrastructure, and the province’s economic and political priorities.

In the end, the Videotron Center was built with taxpayer money… for absolutely nothing…

We can understand why Lavoie is so scathing about the project, especially in the context of an economic crisis. Sometimes Pierre-Karl Péladeau doesn’t live in the same world as us…

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