Christopher Nolan would like to make a horror movie, but at the moment there is a small problem

Christopher Nolan really wants to make a horror movie, but it’s not for now.

In Hollywood, a lot of horror franchises are collapsing: the latest The Exorcist frankness is abominable Shout lost its cast, its director and doesn’t know where it’s going, every movie in the universe Prestidigitation is worse than the previous one… And although we don’t always feel it at the box office (Shout 6 killed the competition upon release and surpassed Shout 5), some weary viewers ask for something more.

And that’s a good thing, because this American generation has plenty of horror to spare. Robert Eggers addressed the subgenres with The witch and The lighthouseJordan Peele has been chilling our blood ever since Go out and Ari Aster traumatized us with Inheritance and Midsummernot to mention it’s amazing and WTF. Beau is scared. So what if Christopher Nolan joined them (and the slew of good recent horror movies, like Men either Hand) ? Each of his films is a box office phenomenon. and the Brit could very well make a horror film… but not right away.

Smile: photoToo bad, Smile 2 already has a director

Nolan is afraid

In a conversation with BBC presenter Francine Stock on British Film Institute London, Christopher Nolan talked about the idea of ​​tackling horror. He’d be ready to make a movie…but he’s missing one crucial element:

“Oppenheimmer definitely has horror elements, because I think it’s appropriate. I think horror films are very interesting, because they are based on very cinematic devices, it’s really about a visceral response to things and, therefore, at some point “I would love to make a horror movie. But I think a really good horror movie requires a really exceptional idea. And those are rare. So I haven’t found a story yet that lends itself to this. (…)”

Oppenheimer : Photo Cillian MurphyThe horror is already glimpsed in Oppenheimer

But I think it is a very interesting genre from a cinematographic point of view. It is also one of the rare genres that receives many films from studios. (…) They have many qualities that Hollywood is generally very reluctant to include in films, but it is a genre in which it is allowed.”

He went through the psychological thriller with Memoryscience fiction with Interstellarthe war movie with Dunkirk and the biographical film with oppenheimer, we can say that Christopher Nolan explored genres well. And he every time he found the audience for him. The filmmaker has not yet given any information about his next project. And while it’s unlikely to be a horror movie (unless he comes up with a brilliant idea soon), we’re excited to see where it goes.

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