Charlene of Monaco: this six-figure sum that would have been paid to her brother with Alberto’s agreement

For several days, the Rock has been shaking. In a long investigation, The world revealed Claude Palmero’s secret notes. Former administrator of Prince Albert II’s estate, he was dismissed in 2023 after twenty years in the royal family. In these, he would describe the sumptuous lifestyle led by Charlene of Monaco. According to him, the prince’s wife would have passed “around 15 million euros” in eight years.
He also allegedly paid an incredible amount to his brother, Sean Wittstock. On December 14, 2022, Claude Palmero reported a transfer of 300,000 euros. A sum was tripled a few weeks later with the agreement of Albert II of Monaco. “SAS is fine”, he would have written. This sum would have been used to “home” from Charlene of Monaco’s brother.

Even within the framework of this investigation, Le Monde reported that Claude Palmero would have opposed Charlene wanting to expand the staff at her service. “8.5 people at your service, there have never been so many”, he would have written. Albert II’s wife would also have spent almost a million euros in two months renting a villa in Calvi.
“All members of the princely family from the moment Claude Palmero reported such excess, were ordered to cover them entirely from the family’s private assets.”, the Palace responded to Le Monde. Removed from office in 2023, Claude Palmero attacked the princely family. He decided to take this case to the European Court of Human Rights, considering that the Monegasque justice system is not independent.

Albert II: responds to Claude Palmero

Following the publication of this Le Monde investigation, Prince Albert II sent a right of reply. In it, he believes that Claude Palmero’s words do not reflect what is happening in the Rock. “Claude Palmero’s prerogatives did not authorize him to speak on my behalf, which he did with increasing regularity, even refusing, on occasions, to transmit my decisions”We can read.
“His duties imposed absolute discretion on him, which his public statements violated. They also imposed a loyalty that the last unacceptable remarks he made to me have trampled on him.”he added. When I separated from Mr. Palmero, I exercised the power to choose the property manager of my choice. Events have confirmed that this decision was the correct one.“.

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