Céline speaks after being surpassed in the Maîtres de midi ranking by Émilien

Surpassed by Émilien in the ranking of winners of 12 noon shots This Sunday, January 28, Céline, champion between March 14 and July 24, 2023, spoke on this topic for Tele-Leisure.

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Émilien has taken a new step in The 12 chimes of noon ! This Sunday, January 28, the Maestro del Mediodía, present since September 25 on TF1, has just validated his 125th participation. His victory today allows him to surpass Céline, champion from March 14 to July 24, 2023, in the ranking of the largest Masters of the Midi, and become the only sixth winner. Asked about this by Tele-LeisureThe best candidate of the front-page party did not stop giving her opinion about the young History student.

I don’t hold on to this place“: Celine (The 12 chimes of noon) reacts to Émilien’s arrival at sixth place in the ranking of midi grandmasters

Céline had shone for her benevolence throughout her entire career in The 12 chimes of noon. Several months after the end of her affair, notoriety and money have not distracted Camille’s mother from her values. “I don’t watch daily, but I follow their journey. emilie is incredible. He has fantastic knowledge at 20 years old. He’s a great guy: easy going and fun!“, she began being complimentary.”I don’t hold on to this place. I like that. I hope it goes very far“, She continued.

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It is very good on all fronts.“: Celine (The 12 chimes of noon) impressed by Émilien’s career in the TF1 game

Another aspect of Emilien’s journey especially impressed the former champion. “He also manages to do a lot of Masterstrokes.. It is very good on all fronts.“, he admitted without blinking. With her expert eye on the show, Jérôme’s partner observed one of the young man’s weak points: current affairs that he did not know. “He cannot remember things that older people have experienced. We cannot ask him to have the experience of people three times his age.“He wanted to silence the few criticisms that some might direct at him.”He has it under his feet and I don’t get the impression that he is tired, unlike me. during my trip“he concluded with a laugh.

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