catalog, compatible devices, everything you need to know about this new free streaming service

TF1+ comes to our screens as part of the TF1 Group’s digital acceleration strategy. Programs offered, compatible devices, features, free and paid offers… here you will find everything you need to know about the French streaming service.

On December 20, 2023, TF1 detailed the conditions for the launch of TF1+, a new video streaming platform. After the death of Salto, TF1+ must mark the ambitions of the French audiovisual group in the digital market. The objective is to snatch market share from SVOD giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or Apple TV+, which are increasingly popular compared to traditional linear television. To convince the public, TF1 has developed an ambitious and innovative service, this is what you should remember.

When will TF1+ be available?

TF1+ release date has been set for January 8, 2024. The launch is planned simultaneously on all supported platforms. As with MYTF1, you must reside in French territory to legally view TF1+ content.

Is TF1+ free or paid?

Access to TF1+ is free for all users, but the platform displays advertisements in exchange for remuneration. Those who want to get rid of it and thus enjoy a more comfortable experience can subscribe to the subscription plan. TF1+ Premium. It costs 5.99 euros per month or 59.99 euros per year and replaces MYTF1 Max.

What devices can you watch TF1+ on?

TF1+ is available on most systems installed on our connected displays. The platform is natively located on Smart TV and Box TV with Google TV, on televisions from the Samsung, LG, Philips, Xiaomi, Sony, TCL and Hisense brands, as well as on devices from the Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV family. TF1 announces that the new Hisense television models, scheduled for April 2024, will be delivered in France with a TF1+ button integrated into their remote control. The group also negotiated the promotion of the TF1+ application on the home page of televisions of various brands.

The Google TV interface (test Chromecast 2022).

TF1 also knows that the French are still attached to their TV Box operator: TF1+ will be available on the products ofOrange and Bouygues Telecom starting January 2024, then SFR starting March. For the moment, Freebox owners are deprived of the platform. Nor has any agreement been communicated with Canal+ for the distribution of the service to its customers.

TF1+ can also be viewed from a Android smartphone or tablet, an iPhone and an iPad through an application. On a computer, you will have to access the web version of the platform, while you wait for a possible application for Windows and macOS.

What is the TF1+ catalogue?

TF1 traffic “More than 15,000 hours of entertainment and information content, available at any time”, since the launch of TF1+. While MYTF1 remained primarily a streaming platform, TF1+ is really moving towards true video on demand. The catalog consists of 200 cinema films, 200 television films and 200 series in their entirety. On the French production side, for example, we have access to HPI or Sam. Sam’s seventh season also launches at the same time as the service, on January 8, 2024. For fans of American fiction, Vampires Diaries is a great headliner.

Sam season 7 launches at the same time as TF1+. Credit: TF1

Otherwise, TF1+ relies heavily on its flagship entertainment shows to stand out. The Voice and Koh-Lanta are available in their entirety, while exclusive content is planned on the platform for Star Academy, Quotidien or Plus belle la vie (which will return on January 8). Youth and young adults are not forgotten. TF1 assured the presence of “50 essential brands” for this audience. Paw Patrol, Miraculous and Naruto are among the chosen ones.

The TF1+ offer is complemented by a fifty FAST channels (Free TV with advertising). These are linear channels broadcast in streaming, each of them specialized in a specific topic. Romantic comedies, thrillers, humor, mangas and even Christmas movies, all these genres will have their dedicated FAST channel.

To diversify its offer, TF1 has also imagined new information formats, exclusive to TF1+. SUPERIOR INFORMATION It consists of five daily contents, between 3 and 6 minutes long, prepared by the TF1 editorial team. More adapted to the uses of video on demand, this offer provides a summary of the main news of the day.

Thanks to extended rights, TF1+ makes its content available for a minimum of 30 days and up to 48 months. The platform is more generous than MYTF1 at this point.

What are the features of TF1+?

In addition to the options already present in MYTF1, TF1+ benefits from two new advanced functions: TOP CHRONO AND SYNCHRO.


The TOP CHRONO feature was temporarily introduced in MYTF1 during the Rugby World Cup and is becoming recurring in TF1+. Based on artificial intelligence, it allows you to obtain a selection of the strongest moments of a match. The summaries are tailor-made based on the time available to the viewer, between 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

TOP CHRONO, match summaries by AI. Credit: TF1


The other great innovation of the platform is SYNCHRO. This is an algorithm that will recommend programs to users to watch in groups, based on the profile of the people present in front of the screen. The idea of ​​this personalized content selection is to stop wasting time choosing a program. “By integrating a global smart recommendation innovation that adapts to multiple people, TF1+ solves the biggest pain point in our market: quickly finding the right content to watch with multiple people”enthuses Claire Basini, deputy general manager in charge of B2C activities.

SYNCHRO also supports the resume reading feature, to quickly find content for group viewing. TF1+, however, will have to do without SYNCHRO during its launch, with its integration scheduled for March 2024.

What future for MYTF1?

MYTF1 will coexist with TF1+ for a while, but is destined to disappear in the medium to long term. TF1 has little interest in maintaining an old platform that offers nothing more than the new offering and will want to force users to switch to its more comprehensive service. MYTF1 remains for the moment an option for those who do not have native access to TF1+, such as Free and Canal+ subscribers.

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