Cassandra denounces Simon Castaldi’s toxic behavior since their breakup

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After his interview with Adixia in Without cutting, Simon Castaldi this time faces Cassandra, the young reality show candidate with whom he dated after their long relationship. Unfortunately, his story ended very badly.

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On February 14, 6play broadcast a new interview concept on its platform. Iconic reality TV candidates who know each other, have loved each other, or even betrayed each other come face to face to tell each other the whole truth. Inside Without cutting, the interviewee answers the interviewer’s questions for twenty minutes, without cuts during the montage. In recent issues, Kevin Guedj talked about his complicated divorce with Carla Moreau and said that he wanted a second child so he could marry his new girlfriend Chloé very soon. Simon Castaldi had to confront his ex-partner Adixia, who apologized after admitting that she had never filed a complaint against him after her last big argument. Now it’s up to Cassandra, her most recent ex, to settle scores with Simon.

Simon Castaldi (Without cutting): “It was a big mistake”

Shortly after his painful breakup with Adixia, Simon Castaldi grew closer to Cassandra in The fifties. After filming, the two television stars tried to continue the relationship. Poor me, Simon hadn’t completely forgotten about Adixia and the end of his story was chaotic.. Inside Without cutting, the former Miss seeks to get answers to her questions. Did she use it as a bandage? ““It’s not a relationship, it’s a big mistake.”the young man admits. “Although I wasn’t perfectly behaved, I was more involved than you.” declares at the beginning of the interview.

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Simon and Cassandra settle scores in front of the cameras

For her part, Cassandra says she is on par with Simón. “disgusted with this story.” For her, Benjamín Castaldi’s son is precisely the cause of this difficult breakup: “It’s about you and your ex! You’re in your head.” Simon defends himself and explains that it was Cassandra who called Adixia the night of the tragedy. But what pisses her off are the messages they sent to her family. “What’s the point when you harass my mother and brother at 5 am?” Simon explains: “After everything that came out, out of respect I gave them my point of view. It all blew up in my face! He seemed like a violent guy to me, so I apologized to them. The truth is that ‘at the time when all this drama was happening, I could still tell myself that I was more to blame than you.

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