Canadian: not the hero we were waiting for?

For 30 years now, the lack of great players in Montreal has rightly made us often envious of seeing other teams full of stars while we had to settle for Travis Moen on the first line or Jordan Weal on the numerical advantage.

But I fear this jealousy prevents us from being fully aware of what a Canadiens player is accomplishing, despite this yet another flat season.

Among 16 NHL teams, he would currently be the leading scorer.

He produces more than many players who are never in the same discussion: Stamkos, Kopitar, Guentzel, Marchand, Kreider, Scheifele, Hintz, Kyrou, DeBrincat, Horvat or Zibanejad.

He is on pace to have the organization’s best offensive season in 16 years. the 28thmy best in Canadian history. In today’s NHL, it’s pretty solid.

He is in the top 5 in the NHL in completions and time of possession in the offensive zone.

He is in the top 5 in the NHL in puck recovery in the defensive zone and in the top 20 in one-on-one battles.

He is only 24 years old.

He plays as a center back and is also solid in defense.

He is the captain.

He works hard.

He is trying to learn French.

Lives in Montreal all year round.

He is a good boy, who seems well educated and whom we would consider our son-in-law.

In short, what more do we want to start believing that we already have our star in Montreal?

Nick Suzuki ticks pretty much all the boxes.

Instead of Cody Glass

But we don’t seem to notice much. As if there were still doubts.

When the Canadian went to look for him in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights preferred to offer him rather than Cody Glass. The latter has 68 career points. Suzuki has 300.

Many fans and commentators have always said that Nick Suzuki cannot be a starting center.

That Dach will be the first center.

That Suzuki will always be a guy with a maximum of 65 points. I said that too. In recent months I have often written that CH needs a star player for the next level.

That doesn’t skate very fast.

That his salary of 7.875 million dollars a year was a great bet for the Canadian for a good little player, but not that good either.

Ultimately, it’s in the teeth of a lot of people.

Nothing in its progression curve indicates that it is going to slow down.

Don’t bet against him

So you can continue to believe that he will never be an elite player. But Suzuki continually proves that you can never bet against him.

We are excited by Arber’s robustness. What about the captain?

No, I don’t have Nick Suzuki’s sweater hanging in my room. Just because he can score a point per game doesn’t mean he should be canonized.

But I think in Montreal we always get carried away very quickly by young talents, and I have the impression that with Nick Suzuki we do the opposite. That we don’t realize the extent of the player talent we have. Maybe because he is neither too exuberant nor a little flat in interviews. But we don’t really care. Shea Weber was also flat.

Is he the hero, the elite player who will score more than 90 points that we have been waiting for a long time in Montreal?

As best I could, I got into a lively debate in the hockey room with my garage league club. I felt like I was blaspheming when I dared to ask if you would take Suzuki or Zibanejad, Suzuki or Kopitar, Suzuki or Kyrou. It seems like everyone is having a hard time acknowledging that the Canadiens captain can start to be considered a “stud.”

Maybe I’m getting carried away. As someone else would say, we’ll see.

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